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US hostile actions not to disrupt Iran's space programs

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Sept 4, IRNA -- Iranian Space Agency in a stance against the US sanctions on three organizations related to Iran space industry said in a statement that the US hostile actions will not disrupt Iran's space programs.

This is a US effort to prevent developing countries and emerging countries from technology breakthroughs in the field of space activities. Obviously, such hostile actions will not interfere with the will of the Islamic Republic of Iran to develop and advance its peaceful space programs, the statement underlined on Wednesday.

Last night, the US Treasury announced that it had sanctioned Iran's Space Agency, the Iranian Aerospace Research Institute and the Iranian Aerospace Research Center. The Iranian Space Agency responded and issued a formal statement.

The statement went on to say that in continuing its hostile approach towards the Iranian people, the US government has unilaterally sanctioned the Iranian Space Agency, the Iranian Space Research Institute and the Aerospace Research Center in the pursuit of disrupting the peaceful space activities and advancing the country's development goals.

The US Government acknowledged that the Iranian Space Agency's activities are in line with developing telecommunication satellite and remote sensing technology, despite the US unilateral exit from the Iranian nuclear deal known as the JCPOA, the US has done this on the pretext that Iran's peaceful space activities to launch communications and telecommunications satellites violate its commitment in the JCPOA.

However, the Iranian Space Agency, as the custodian of the country's policies in the field of space, is a technical and peaceful organization operating under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and has always made efforts to develop the space technology and make maximum use of its applications to improve the quality of life of the society.

This US action is in evident contradiction to the international law, treaties and international conventions governing the peaceful and non-discriminatory use of space by all nations and as a violation of all internationally-recognized fundamental principles of free and non-discriminatory access to space and principle of international cooperation between all countries in the field of peaceful space activities.


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