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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Dy minister says Iran not afraid of neighbors' weapons arsenals

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Moscow, Aug 28, IRNA -- Iran's Deputy Defense Minister Abdolkarim Banitorofi underlined that Iran is not worried today about how much its neighbors are spending their budget on purchasing weapons and stockpiling weapons.

The head of Iran's Space Industries Organization, who traveled to Russia for a visit to 2019 MAKS International Aerospace Exhibition in an interview with Russia 24 television channel was asked by the host about widespread purchases of weapons by the Persian Gulf countries.

In response to the question, what has Iran done in the face of its neighbors' heavy spending in the Persian Gulf?, top military official went on to say that Iran produces the bulk of the necessary weapons inside, but our power is not in weapons, but in the will of the Iranian people.

"In World War II, we saw that the will of the Russian people stopped the well-equipped Nazi German fascist war machine near Moscow, and eventually brought heavy defeats on them," Banitorofi said.

Referring to the production of good quality drones in Iran the deputy defense minister noted that this product has many buyers and there is no question about its quality.

Asked where Iran-Russia technical cooperation has stood and why Iran participated in the MAKS Aerospace Exhibition, The official went on to say that Iran-Russia technical-military cooperation has been going on for many years and we are interested because Russia is one of the leading powers in the manufacture of aircraft.

Iran had talks a while ago, but now these talks have been halted because of US sanctions, and Iran and Russia are facing some problems in this area, though Iran is interested in the talks between the two countries, the head of Iran's Space Industries Organization reiterated.

Asked whether Iran is seeking to buy weapons from Russia, the deputy defense minister said he did not want to mention a specific type of aircraft because the results of the talks were not immediately clear, especially until 2020 which the sanctions in the case of Iran cancelled, the talks will be postponed.

In giving his view about that "Trump, who has caused a lot of problems for Iran, has said he wants to invite Russia to the next G7 summit because it is impossible to negotiate on Iran and North Korea without Moscow's participation," the deputy minster of defense went on to say that Iran's policy has been continuous and has not changed in the past 40 years, but this cannot be said about US policy.

Of course Russia is a great and influential power in the world, but what is relevant to Iran's policy is that the Iranian defense doctrine is deterrent, he said.

No one can remember that Iran has attacked a country in the last half century; Iranians are peaceful people and want to have friendly relations with others. Russia can influence international affairs.


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