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Zarif says Iran will thwart US maximum pressure

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Aug 5, IRNA -- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday that Iran relying on its national capabilities, Economy of Resistance and cooperation with others will thwart the US maximum pressures.

Diplomacy and negotiations will never end, Zarif said at a press conference held in Tehran by domestic and foreign reporters and correspondents.

At the press briefing, Zarif also congratulated to journalists and correspondents on the National Reporter's Day marked on August 8.

Asked about the reason behind the US move to sanction him, Zarif said what the US did indicated that there are two models of conduct, first based on dialogue and interaction and the second based of bullying and threat, and the second one is what the US opted for.

Zarif made clear that the reaction of the international community to the US action sanctioning him has driven Washington to isolation.

Answering to a question made by Financial Times reporter about the recent seizure of a UK oil tanker in Persian Gulf and the possible formation of international coalition to protect the oil tankers, Zarif said the United States is responsible for escalation in the Persian Gulf on southern Iran.

Zarif recalled the human tragedy the US Navy's Vincennes created in the Persian Gulf in 1988 by shot-down of the Iranian passenger plane which led to killing of near 300 people.

He said that the United States has brought nothing to the region but aggression, war and massacre.

He cited the US anti-Iran moves with the help of the UK, saying that London is accomplice in Washington's economic terrorism.

In a comment to the July 6 seizure of Grace 1 tanker carrying Iranian oil off the Spanish coast and seizure of a UK oil tanker in the Persian Gulf region about two weeks after the event, Zarif said that it was reciprocal.

"It indicated that Iran will not turn blind eye to violations. It is Iran's right to enforce law in the Persian Gulf."


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