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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Iranian nation to win war of willpower: President Rouhani

ISNA - Iranian Students' News Agency

Tue / 18 June 2019 / 13:52

Tehran (ISNA) – Iran's President said that the enemies' war with the Iranian nation is based on the war of hope and willpower, adding, "The goal of their ominous plans is to disappoint the people of Iran from the future and their country's development".

Speaking on Tuesday at the opening ceremony of Salam Terminal-Gallery of Imam Khomeini Airport City, President Hassan Rouhani said, "The people of Iran will disappoint the enemies by being hopeful and fervent, preventing them from reaching their goals".

"Despite all hardships and pressures that the enemies have imposed on us with the aim of convincing our people that the country's development has stopped and the people are hopeless about the future, we are witnessing new developments in the economy of the country every day," he said.

The President also said, "This war will end with the Iranian nation's victory, because the other side is not a nation, but a group of inexperienced politicians; and we do not wage war against any nation".

"On this side, it is not just a group of authorities, but the entire Iranian nation. The enemies' sanctions are directly against each and every individual, and the lower classes," said Rouhani.

He also continued, "The enemies will never win this war against the Iranian nation, the proof of it is the completion of great projects in the entire country, today being the glorious Salam terminal".

"Today, despite sanctions and pressures, our airplanes and air industry are working; this is normal for a country that has no problem buying airplanes and parts and maintenance, but in our country, we are doing that under pressures and many problems, therefore, we need to thank our air industry for working round the clock," he said.

The President also went on to say, "After the nuclear deal was struck and the atmosphere we made in our international relations, we could import some modern airplanes, which was one of our people's wishes".

He said, "Today, the United States is standing against the Iranian nation despite all international regulations, but all people at work in our air industry sectors have kept this industry moving, and we thank them for their hard work".

Stating that the real fight against the enemies and those who do not want Iran to progress, is to open major projects, he said, "Today, we need to practically stand up to our enemies, one of the ways is working hard for economic prosperity".

On tourism as a key goal of the government, President Rouhani said, "Development of the country's air industry is the best and easiest way for the development of the tourism industry".

In the recent years, good developments have been made in maritime sectors and ports, he said, continuing, "Good capacities have been created in these sectors".

"Today, we are able to provide other countries with services in many technical and engineering fields, in a way that officials of foreign countries state in bilateral meetings that the Iranian companies' quality and pace are so much better than other countries," he said.

Dr. Rouhani also referred to the United States' vain attempts to cut off Iran's relations with the world, saying, "Despite the United States' efforts, the Iranian officials excel in all international summits and the Islamic Republic of Iran has good relations with other countries".

The President continued, "Iran has been loyal to its international commitments and agreements, and it was the other side that violated all agreements and regulations. Right now, everyone in the world considers the US administration as a government that violates its commitments and promises".

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