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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Trump positions not compatible with facts: Spokesman

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Dec 31, IRNA -- Iranian Foreign Ministry Bahram Qasemi said the US and Trump policy on various issues, including West Asia are clear to everyone, but what's happening on the ground is not necessarily compatible with Trump's positions and ideals.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman made the remarks while referring to the statements of the US President during his visit to Iraq about monitoring Iran.

Bahram Qasemi said on Monday, Trump had a trip to Iraq on the occasion of Christmas, and made some remarks during a visit to the American base in the country contemplative and interpretable.

He underlined, 'On the trip, Trump noted that the former presidents of the country spent seven thousand billion dollars in Iraq, and that after all cost, they should travel secretly and sneakily to Iraq. It will not be too late for the United States to spend several times more than seven thousand billion dollars, and cannot even go to a country of the region of secretly and nightly.'

The spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said, 'It's time for the American people to ask their own authorities why in Iraq, Syria and many other areas have spent so much on killings and homelessness and why these costs are not paid for improving the quality of life of the Americans, particularly pay for the lower classes.'

Qasemi said, 'Sooner or later, the US government will come to the conclusion that it cannot go to other countries in the new age as before and with the past tools to go to other countries seeking its goals because the world is another world, the people of the world are vigilant.'

He continued, 'As we saw in Iraq, Iraqi parties and groups opposed the visit and adopted very negative positions towards the United States, but this trip may have been an insult to the sovereignty, territorial integrity and the Iraqi people.'


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