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Iran president submits budget bill to parliament

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Dec 25, IRNA -- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani granted the budget bill for the following Iranian year (starting on March 21, 2019) to Majlis (the Iranian Parliament) on Tuesday.

'The following year's budget is 407 thousand billion tomans (equal to $97bn),' said the president in his statement before submitting the budget bill at Majlis.

President Rouhani added, 'In the budget bill that is being submitted today, there have been some amendments according to some orders issued by the Supreme Leader, [Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei].'

Regarding the US pressures on Iran, he said, 'The US sees Iran as an obstacle on their path. Whenever we could create a significant move, they stood against us.'

Through conspiracies, sanctions and pressures that are imposed on Iranian people, the US is trying to bring Iran to its knees, said President Rouhani.

'The US will definitely fail; and Iran will stand against all the conspiracies.'

'The US has been trying to disappoint the people with the Islamic Establishment and instilling that the Establishment is ineffective and the government is not in control of the situation.'

President Rouhani added that no one says that the sanctions cannot affect the lives of the people, and of course, no one can say that they will succeed.

President Rouhani said that the conspiracies of the US have always failed.

He also said that if the budget bill were not oil dependent, it would be less effective, adding that the budget of the last year and this year could have been oil-independent.

The president said that the oil will have a small role in the next year's budget; it will only be about $33bn.


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