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FM Zarif attends parliament's nat'l security commission

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Dec 23, IRNA -- The chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Iranian Parliament announced the meeting of the commission members with the Minister and deputies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was held and said the latest status of foreign relations was centered in the meeting.

Heshmatullah Falahatpisheh, about the meeting of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission with Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and deputy minister of foreign affairs on Sunday evening, added, 'This is a continuation of the series of weekly meetings hosted by the Foreign Ministry this time.'

He added that at this meeting, the Foreign Minister and his deputy described the latest state of Iran's foreign relations in various fields, including the global, the issues of JCPOA, the United States, Europe and regional issues and elaborated on the conditions of the foreign economy associated with the country.

The chairman of the National Security Commission stated that the members of the commission expressed their questions and comments, which was supposed to organize the cooperation between the Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the presentation of strategic principles in foreign policy.

In response to a question about Europe's Special Financial Mechanism (SPV) and the issues raised at the joint meeting, Falahatpisheh said, 'With regard to the maximum pressure of the United States, Iran has followed a maximum resistance mechanism in this matter and it does not count on it strategically.'

'What matters to us is strengthening the internal capacities of the country's economy and working with different countries that have the political incentive to spend on countering US unilateral sanctions,' he emphasized.


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