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UN chief urges regional, int'l players to help preserve JCPOA

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

New York, Dec 12, IRNA -- Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres once again described JCPOA as achievement of multilateral diplomacy, urging regional and international players to ensure continuance of the international accord.

In the sixth report on the implementation of Resolution 2231 of the Security Council, he said that the deal was approved by the resolution as a major multilateral diplomatic achievement.

Unlike his report six months ago where he expressed concern over US withdrawal from JCPOA, this time he spoke of JCPOA survival, stressing that the parties should help save the deal which constitutes the basis of regional and international peace and security.

He also maintained that irrelevant issues to JCPOA should be dealt within a separate atmosphere.

He also welcomed Iran's compliance with the deal, describing the US exit from the deal as the challenges faced by the deal.

Guterres also called for immediate enforcement of Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).


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