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Rouhani: Entire world standing against US JCPOA withdrawal

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Semnan, Dec 4, IRNA -- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that in the past the UN, the IAEA and the Hague court were condemning us, but today, entire world has condemned the US for quitting the JCPOA and stood against the country.

'This is a political victory that we should be proud of,' President Rouhani underlined.

'Some people in the US took power that have the most enmity against Iran. Of course they never had friendship with the Iranian nation, and we never had a 100 % confidence in the US and others,' Hassan Rouhani said Tuesday evening in gathering of Semnan's students.

The Iranian president, pointing out that 'we did not trust in talks with the United States', said, 'We entered into a negotiation that was quite right and that all government officials, the Supreme Leader Parliament and the Guardian Council had consensus and everyone believed it was quite right.'

'Once one million barrels of oil was sold in this country, we made it two million and two and half million barrels,' Rouhani continued, pointing to the positive effects of the JCPOA, by which "we bought the plane, and we built university, and it was very good, but on the course of this agreement one side of the treaty withdraw from it'.

The Iranian president continued, 'In the framework of this agreement, we opened the road for businessmen, banks, shipping, oil and petrochemicals, and the country had breathed a couple of years and capital and billions of dollars entered to the country."


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