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Rouhani: 'Iran's righteousness, US bullying' crystal clear to World

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Sept 27, IRNA -- All media and leaders of the world were focusing on Iran's righteousness and the US' bullying, which were the most important points of my trip to New York, said the Iranian president upon arriving in Tehran on Thursday.

Speaking to reporters upon arrival from New York to Tehran, he said during the visit the Iranian delegation tried to voice Iran's stands and approaches at the UN general assembly.

'I delivered two speeches in the UN, had three speeches to the US media, intellectuals, politicians, and Muslim leaders of the US,' said President Rouhani.

The US has adopted a unilateral approach in dealing with the international community and simply ignores international bodies as well as international rules and regulations and this fact was highlighted by other delegations as well, he said.

'In my opinion, the US gained nothing from this year's UN general assembly meeting and while he was delivering speech and giving good words on his government, all the audience burst into laughing which was highlighted by the US media leading to humiliation of the US government and nation,' Rouhani said.

Iran managed to raise explicitly its stands, which were consistent with the stances of its Supreme Leader and Iranian nation, he said.

On the UNSC meeting, the US said earlier that its topic of the agenda would be Iran but then claimed that it had something to do with another issue but one day ahead of the meeting the US president tweeted that the session concerned Iran, he said.

The US was alone on its stands against the JCPOA which totally isolated the country among the 15 UNSC members, Rouhani said.

On the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, the Islamic Republic of Iran and G4+1 comprising Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany held meeting leading to issuance of an statement supporting their stands on the JCPOA and appreciated Iran that fully carried out its commitments and said there will establish a new and special banking route to broaden cooperation with Iran while remaining committed to their pledges, he said.

The EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said that in November, the measures will be implemented to support Iran which bothered the Americans, he said.

President Rouhani also held a number of meeting with the heads of other countries on issues of mutual interest, regional developments, the JCPOA and expansion of economic cooperation and underlined that all countries will not support the US on toughening sanctions against Iran.

President Hassan Rouhani was in New York to attend the General Assembly of the United Nations, which is a yearly event taking place late September.

He also said he had had 17 meetings with the leaders of countries and international organizations, three neighboring, two Asian and six Latin American countries, one international sport and one financial body, and also the UN secretary-general.


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