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President in a meeting with senior American media executives: Trump must rethink his very incorrect actions against Iranian nation

ISNA - Iranian Students' News Agency

Tue / 25 September 2018 / 12:13

Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian President met with a number of senior media executives of the United States and emphasised the important, valuable role of public media in transferring the truth to the society.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said, "The ultimate goal of the media in covering and analysing incidents should be strengthening peace, security and progress in the human society".

He responded to a question about a possible meeting with the US President, like that of North Korea and the United States, saying, "Comparing these two is not very accurate. Since last year, the President of the United States has withdrawn from a very important agreement without any reason and has threatened the people of Iran, imposing sanction on them, and these actions cannot simply be overlooked. North Korea is completely different from Iran".

The president said, "In fact, Trump did some very incorrect actions against Iran and the Iranian nation. He has withdrawn from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), threatened the Iranian nation without any reason, imposing sanctions and interfering in our internal affairs. Before anything, these incorrect actions must be compensated".

"Iran has lived up to its obligations in JCPOA to date, and if 5 countries adhere to their commitments, we can preserve it, but if other conditions come about, naturally, we will also make our decision in those circumstances," he continued.

Dr. Rouhani added, "The next point is that once the United States, Europe and others have imposed sanctions on Iran for a few years and saw the outcome and eventually came to the negotiation table, and this bitter experience is not for the first time and has already happened".

On the violation of the nuclear deal and its effect on Iranian voters, he said, "Since 2013 election, we have focused on interaction with the world, and one of my important promises to the people was that I would follow the policy of interaction and dialogue with the countries of the region, JCPOA being one of them".

The president emphasised, "Despite the fact that the United States has pulled out of the deal, we remain committed to it. The yardstick in our country is peoples vote, and people know that we did not initiate the withdrawal, and the United States is the country that has withdrawn from it".

Answering a question about the role of some countries in the Ahwaz terrorist incident, he said, "There was a major terrorist crime in Ahwaz, and I am sorry that some countries refuse to use the term 'terrorist attack', which means they do not want all countries of the world fight all terrorists in the same way".

"At the very first hour, a foreign-affiliated terrorist group claimed responsibility for this attack, and we believe that this group is responsible, and evidence has already confirmed this," he said, adding that suspects are arrested and interrogations continue to be made to determine exactly who and with what affiliations the operation was carried out.

Dr. Rouhani said that since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, the Americans have consistently supported anti-Iranian terrorist groups, adding, "Americans have always been supporting terrorist groups that have been working against the Iranian people and a group of those terrorists now have political activities in the United States. The United States cannot be indifferent to terrorist operations that violate all international regulations".

The president said, "In recent days following the Ahwaz terrorist attack, one US official said something shocking, considering the Iranian government responsible for terror! If we say the same thing about the perpetrators of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, how will the American people judge? Is it possible to say that for any terrorist act that takes place in European countries and other countries is under the responsibility of the governments of the country that was the victim of terrorism?"

"Syria has had very good progress in the fight against terrorism, and the ISIS terrorist group has suffered a series of failures and the Syrian government has taken over much of its territory, and conditions have improved compared to a year ago," continued Rouhani.

The president went on to say, "Israel admits that it is constantly interfering in Syria and bombing the country, in violation of international regulations. These measures will not help the region".

"We consider US sanctions illegal and cruel against the Iranian nation, and the sanctions affect Iranian people's judgement towards the US government, and its not for no reason that the slogans against the United States have become stronger than ever before in mass demonstrations," the president added.

Referring to US efforts to deprive Iran of oil sales, he stated, "The goal that Americans are seeking to deprive Iran of selling its oil is not only not feasible, but will be very dangerous, and I hope we can continue to trade with friendly countries within the framework of international regulations".

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