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Trump could not be trusted: Iran Foreign Ministry

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, July 30, IRNA -- Iran Foreign Ministry spokesman on Monday denounced US President Donald Trump's approach to generalize his views on global issues.

'Trump could not be easily trusted as he is used to generalizing changes he sees in his surroundings on all the issues in the world,' Bahram Qasemi told reporters during his weekly press conference.

'Every morning he gets up with the assumption that his presence in the White House provides the world with the chance to be born again and he comes up with new ideas,' Qasemi said, referring to Trump's new comments on Iran that "Iran is not the same country anymore'.

Touching upon the move by Iran to file a lawsuit against the United States for its unilateral abandonment of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, he said that the International Court of Justice is expected to hold a hearing session in September.

'We should wait and see how the lawsuit will be pursued,' Qasmi said.

He stressed that Iran will use all available mechanisms to demand its rights and to prove how committed it is in fulfilling its obligations.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman also said that engagements between Iran and Europe, while the US is pressuring allies to follow suit and put the country under sanctions, are still continuing.

'There is some optimism and the engagements in general seem to render positive results,' Qasemi said.

'We hope to witness a new round of cooperation and relations between Iran and the European Union,' he said.


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