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Israeli Ex-Spy Chief Names Main Target in Possible Cyber War With Iran - Reports

Sputnik News

16:09 18.06.2018

During his appearance at a major cyber conference, a former top Israeli intelligence official claimed that the energy sector will witness "the next 9/11 in cyber" if a conflict between Tel Aviv and Tehran breaks out.

Ehud Schnerosen, former head of an Israeli signal intelligence corps known as Unit 8200, has announced that in the event of any future conflict between Israel and Iran, cyber-attacks should be aimed at the enemy energy sector, which he described as "a major pillar of the economy, the state's cardio-vascular system," according to The Jerusalem Post.

"We should not attack water, food, or healthcare on ethical grounds, and should not attack banks because of the potential butterfly effect," Schnerosen said, adding that "the next 9/11 in cyber will be in the energy sector."

Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that Iranian leadership seeks to "create a nuclear arsenal" to "destroy Israel."

Tel Aviv also expressed concern over Iran's alleged attempts to establish a permanent military presence in Syria, claiming that these actions threaten Israel's national security.

In 2010, Israel and the United States allegedly carried out a massive cyberattack against Iran, employing a virus called Stuxnet, targeting Tehran's nuclear enrichment program.


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