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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Military advisor: Iran missile might, regional interests non-negotiable

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tabriz, Oct 18, IRNA -- Supreme Leader's senior military adviser Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi said on Wednesday that Iran's missile might and the country's regional interests are non-negotiable.

The US should understand that Iran's missile might and regional issues such as Syria and Iraq are related to Iran's national security and security of the region which are non-negotiable and the Americans have no options except withdrawing from their political stances and lift unfair economic sanctions against Iran, he said.

Recent allegations made by the US president once again proved that he suffers lack of insight on global strategic issues mainly those in west of Asia, he said.

The Americans are unable to understand developments in Iran and the region and suffer mental backwardness, Rahim-Safavi said adding that they have been defeated by Iran for several times and we should not neglect conspiracies by them and their allies such as Zionists.

The US president should understand that the era of bullying is over and the US hell power is on downfall.

Labeling the IRGC as terrorist was among other mistakes of the US president, Rahim Safavi said, adding that 'I do advise the US president ask about IRGC's power from its military forces in Iraq, Syria and Persian Gulf'.

The US president should understand that the Iranian nation, the IRGC and armed forces are united in defending the county, he said.

The Iranian armed forces and brave Iranian nation under leadership of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution are ready to deal with any scenario and will be the triumphant with reliance on Almighty God, Safavi said.


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