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Iran Press TV

Bullies will regret threatening Iranian nation: President Rouhani

Iran Press TV

Fri Feb 10, 2017 8:19AM

President Hassan Rouhani has hailed Iranians for turning out in millions on Friday to celebrate the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, saying the rallies are a response to recent threats by new US rulers against Iran.

"This turnout is a response to false remarks of the new White House rulers and the people are telling the world through their presence that the Iranian people must be spoken to with respect and dignity," Rouhani told the rally in Tehran.

"The Iranian nation has shown during the past 38 years that it will make anyone who speaks to Iranians with the language of threats regret it," the president added.

Rouhani's remarks came after US President Donald Trump said he had put Iran "on notice" in reaction to a Jan. 29 missile test and imposed fresh sanctions on individuals and entities.

Both in the region and the US, some inexperienced figures have taken over the helm, said Rouhani, warning that "all should now they have to speak with the language of respect and praise in front of the Iranian nation."

"The nation will respond incisively in the face of threats…. The one, who proceeds to threaten our nation and Armed Forces, should know that our nation is united and vigilant, and will stand up to ill-wishers," he added.

'Revolution: A gift of independence'

The president further said the 1979 Revolution freed the country from dependence on foreigners, including the United States, and awarded the people with self-determination.

He went on to enumerate some instances of the country's recent achievements, which the nation has made through its steadfastness in pursuing its rights and economic interests.

"The whole world has accepted our nuclear right," he said. "Today, we are happy to see our nuclear industry offering its products to the international community and moving towards the path of international trade," Rouhani said.

The country now possesses one of the most modern centrifuges at its nuclear facilities, namely IR-8 centrifuge, Rouhani noted.

The Iranian president further praised the country for producing close to three million barrels of oil and condensates over the past year, up by 2.3 percent during the previous year.

He said Iran also managed to repatriate $1.7 billion of its assets frozen in American banks and taken legal proceedings at The Hague to take back more, Rouhani said.

"Our legal experts, politicians, and diplomats will not yield until they have restored the country's rights."

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