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Iranian President Rouhani Says Nuclear Deal is 'Win-Win' For All

Sputnik News

15:58 14.07.2015(updated 16:49 14.07.2015)

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday referred to the dispute over the country's nuclear energy program as an 'unnecessary crisis', the resolution of which would bring about new opportunities.

He was speaking just hours after Iran and the P5+1 Group managed to clinch a long-awaited deal during Monday's talks in Vienna.

The successful conclusion of nuclear talks shows that 'constructive engagement works,' Rouhani said in a post on social media.

"Ramadan has always been a month of good intentions and the people's adherence to lofty moral guidelines. This year's Ramadan brought us the good news about the good agreement we just signed. Today we are the pinnacle of our country's progress, which crowns the 12-year history of our nuclear negotiations with the world powers," President Rouhani said.

Iran turns a new page in history as the P5+1 group and Tehran reached an agreement on the country's controversial nuclear program, Hassan Rouhani said.

"Today we are opening a new chapter in the history of our nation. The sanctions against our country have traditionally reflected the world community's fear of our nuclear program. This page has finally been turned now…" he noted. "The sanctions proved utterly useless and I'm pleased to announce that after 27 months of negotiations this administration managed to reach a new point, a new chapter in history."

He said that after a deal had been finally finalized by the P5+1 and Tehran in Vienna earlier in the day, Iran was ready to take on its obligations to make the agreement work.

"To resolve the issue of our nuclear development program we made many compromises… We showed a great deal of flexibility on political and economic issues, always sticking firmly to the principles of the talks with our negotiating partners in the Group of Six. As a result we all ended up winners," the president continued.

The new agreement is expected to pave the way for the lifting of imposed sanctions in return for limited nuclear activities, and may be considered as a breakthrough in relations between Iran and the international community.

"This has been proven historically: Over the centuries of the existence of our government, the Iranian people have held their promises and with pride have fulfilled their agreements," Rouhani added.

Iran has achieved all the goals it wanted to achieve during the nuclear talks with international mediators, including the lifting of all the sanctions imposed on the country, Rouhani said.

"We wanted to achieve four goals when we started the negotiations: to continue nuclear activity in the country, to have the treacherous sanctions lifted, to have unlawful UN Security Council sanctions lifted, to have Iran free of any suspicions under Chapter VII of the UN Charter. We have successfully achieved all of these goals," Rouhani said in a public address.

He stressed that the day when the agreement on the country's nuclear program came into force, all sanctions against Tehran, including military, economic and financial ones, would be lifted.

The Iranian president announced that world powers had given Iran legal rights for new technology, especially in the nuclear field.

"We aspire to build a country that would pursue peaceful nuclear energy while, simultaneously, promoting democratic ideals in our society. On my very first day in office I said that our nuclear program was entirely peaceful. And the Iranian people believed me," the Iranian leader said in conclusion.


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