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Iran building copy of US aircraft carrier - TV

22 March 2014, 18:58 -- Iran is building a large-scale copy of a US military aircraft carrier, CNN reports Saturday. The US intelligence managed to obtain satellite images from the construction site.

Washington doubts that Iran can build a ship of this class, or that it will be functioning properly.

Photographs imply that the US Nimitz-class aircraft carrier CVN 68 is a model for Iranian copies, down to such minor details as the number ' 68' on the deck.

The Nimitz-class carriers form the core of the US naval forces and are one of the largest warships in the world. Besides the United States only a small number of countries have aircraft carriers with nuclear propulsion.

The US military believes that this copy looks more like it came from a Hollywood scenery, rather than a real ship. The purpose of the construction is unknown, but Jason Salads, press secretary of the Fifth Fleet of the US Navy, believes that Iran plans to blow up the ship for propaganda purposes, to show it on national television, as it has repeatedly done in the past.

This is all happening during the ongoing negotiations at the highest level between the US and Iran over the latter 's nuclear program.

An agreement was reached in November 2013 in Geneva, on limiting Iran's nuclear program in exchange for a partial suspension of the US and the EU sanctions against Iran.

This agreement entered into force on January 20, 2014 and is valid for six months. It is assumed that during this time, with Iran's assistance, the six global powers - Russia, the US, Britain, France, China and Germany - would develop a comprehensive agreement on the settlement of the Iranian nuclear issue, the result of which should be a cancelation of all international sanctions against Iran.

Voice of Russia, RIA

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