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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Larijani: Nuclear issue's resolving possible merely political

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Qom, Feb 28, IRNA -- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said here Friday that the Iranian nuclear issue can be resolved, but merely resorting to political discussions, unless the westerners would keep on resorting to baseless pretexts.

"The West claims that we are after acquiring nuclear bombs and tries to punish us for that intention before any crime has occurred, under such conditions that Iran has is by no means after acquiring nuclear weapons," he said addressing a number of retired IRGC officials.

He said that Iran's insistence on preserving its peaceful nuclear technology is because the scientific achievement is a great capital at the service of various sectors in the country.

"The created six month period for achieving a final agreement with the world powers in the nuclear negations is extendable and in this while we need to reach a long term agreement, which is why we should not simply focus on some details of this temporary, six month agreement," he emphasized.

Larijani said that the future, long term agreement must preserve the country's nuclear achievements and be capable of resolving the problems we have with the West as far as possible.

"In the process of resolving nuclear issue the West intends to impose tough supervision systems, while establishing separate supervision systems other than the ones that exist within the IAEA is not possible," he said.

The Qom constituency MP stressed that Iran's whole nuclear centers are under strict control of the UN nuclear watchdog and establishment of a supervision system of a different nature is in fact a type of great adventurism aimed at pulling Iran's leg in the case.

"Threatening, creation of problems in the region against Iran, and flickering the flames of sectarian strife between the Shi'a and the Sunni Muslims have been among the instances of trouble making of the West against Iran and they have added the creation of economic problems aimed at further intensifying the anti-Iranian threats during the recent years," he said.

He said that the general stand of the United States towards the Muslim nations is that these nations should not achieve advancement beyond certain limits, and in fact the West's problem with Iran is that Tehran is resisting against the US hegemonic policies in this region, he said.

"The stinging comments made by the American officials against Iran, too, lack the required potentials for being implemented, as that country does not dare to resort to aggressive moves against Iran," he said, adding that Tehran would keep on insisting on its righteous stands.


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