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Zarif dismisses Netanyahu rhetoric, calls him typical liar

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Oct 6, IRNA -- Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif on Sunday dismissed Netanyahu rhetoric and said that he is a typical liar.

In an interview with CNN, Zarif expressed pleasure with the nuclear talks with the G5+1 and said the talks are going on well.

He said the western sanctions against Iran are targeting Iranian people as number of Iranian centrifuges has reached 18,000. So, change is felt necessary and I hope the entire world understood that we should start a new trend benefiting all.

Citing regular reports of the International Atomic Energy Agency, he said that the UN nuclear agency has verified it found no evidence that Iranian nuclear program divereted from civilian path adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran can and should develop nuclear energy for the future generations.

He made it clear that Iran is willing to cooperate with IAEA for confidence-building and transparency and never refused to shed light over any ambiguity because as I said it would be to our own benefit that international community is assured that our program is fully peaceful.

On Netanyahu rhetoric, Zarif said Iran has no bomb because of the Islamic belief that it is not to its benefit.

The occupying regime Israel possesses at least 200 warheads and interestingly it dares to criticize a country at the international community and threaten it that is a NPT signatory and all its activities are based on the NPT, he said.

"All know that Israel is a nuclear threat and its nuclear arsenals pose the most threat to the region and the entire world."


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