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IAEO head: Western countries ought to be more patient

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Feb 23, IRNA -- Head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization Fereydoun Abbassi said the West has to improve its tolerance and try to find ways for cooperation with those countries moving fast towards technological progress.

He was talking to reporters on the sidelines of the second annual gathering of nuclear industry managers on Saturday in reaction to remarks by western officials about Iran's new nuclear achievements including the Arak research reactor and installation of new centrifuges.

Some western officials including Americans had described Iran's new nuclear achievements as provocative.

Abbassi advised certain media and those countries claiming to have been provoked by Iran's such acts to raise the level of their tolerance.

He stressed that they should work out ways to cooperate and hold dialogue with those countries which are making progress in the fields of technology and science.

The IAEO chief went on to confirm the installation of cooling system and some electrical circles in the Arak heavy water facilities and said Iran is following a rational and logical path in preparing the relevant equipment of the reactor.

He noted that the reactor's main container was build a long time ago and experts were only waiting for the installation point to get ready.

He said the container will soon be installed in its due place using virtual fuel.

According to the official, 150 fuel complexes have already been completed and ready to be transported to Arak.

He further told those media and countries which feel uneasy with the news about the Arak site not to be annoyed with the issue because it is a research reactor which is to be used for production of radio-isotopes in the future.

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