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Progress in nuclear talks in need of practical US behavior change

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Feb 21, IRNA -- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said here Wednesday night achieving progress in upcoming Iran-G5+1 nuclear talks is in need of practical and tangible change both in US literature and in practical US behavior.

According to IRNA Wednesday night news team, the Islamic Parliament, Majlis, the Majlis News and Mass Media Office further reported the Majlis Speaker as making the comment late Wednesday evening in a meeting with Japan's Ambassador to Tehran, Kuji Honda, adding, 'In the course of its negotiations the Islamic Republic of Iran has thus far showed its full good will.'

Larijani said that Iran and Japan are two major and important Asian countries, arguing, 'The two countries can rely on continuous consolations contribute to faster solving of the regional and international crises and disputes.'

He referred to the background of the Iranian and Japanese nation in very remote past, adding, 'The two countries relations date back to ancient times and there is no negative memory in the minds of the Iranians about Japan.'

The Islamic Parliament Speaker considered cooperation over various international and regional issues as one of the appropriate fields for increased interactions and cooperation between the two countries.

Larijani said that increasing the parliamentary potentials plays an important role in expansion of political, economic, business and trade ties between the two countries, arguing, 'The Islamic Parliament, Majlis, supports and welcomes the expansion of any type of bilateral relations and cooperation at entire parliamentary levels.'

He furthermore officially invited his Japanese counterpart to have a visit of the Islamic Republic of Iran at his earliest convenient opportunity during the meeting.

The new Japanese envoy, too, in the meeting referred to the Iranian nuclear program in the meeting, expressing hope that relying on continuous constructive and onward negotiations an appropriate solution fully approved by both sides would be achieved.

Ambassador Kuji Honda also expressed delight over being appointed as his country's political representative in the Islamic Republic of Iran, referring to Iran as a great and important country both in the region and in the world, arguing, and 'I would do my best to open new horizons for good relations between the two countries.'

Honda said that Japan's relations with Iran are friendly and based on mutual respect, arguing, 'Japan is ready for comprehensive expansion of ties and cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran.'

The new Japanese ambassador to Iran added, 'A good volume of consultations between the two countries over the regional and the international developments is in process, and cooperation in this field must continue.'

Islamic Republic News Agency/IRNA NewsCode: 80553703

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