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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Supreme challenges US logic in conduct with world nations

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Feb 16, IRNA -- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei on Saturday challenged US logic in conduct with the world nations, saying that Washington fabricates accusations against Iran, ushers in international sanctions to put pressure on Iran and then calls for direct talks.

The Supreme Leader made the remarks in a meeting with a large group of people from the northwestern city of Tabriz in East Azarbaijan province on anniversary of the uprising of the Azari people against the former regime of Shah in 1977.

Pious and faithful Iranian nation have successfully overcome economic pressures exerted by global powers, said the Supreme Leader adding that they claimed they have imposed crippling economic pressure on Iran to disappoint Iranian nation but they received a decisive reply from Iranian nation during February 10 rallies marking 34th victory anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

The lively Iranian people from all walks of life demonstrated in the historical event and proved they are determined to steadfastly support path of Islamic Revolution, said the Supreme Leader.

''February 10 rallies each year strike a heavy blow to enemies like a huge avalanche.''

The desperate enemies are now losing ground in dealing with pious, firm and brave Iranian nation and take illogical action with dealing with Iranian nation, said the Supreme Leader.

Referring to lack of harmony in words and action of US officials, the Supreme Leader labeled them as irrational people whose words and action are contradictory, trying to attain their goals through bullying spirit.

The Americans expect others to give up vis-a-vis their irrational words and bullying policies but the Iranian nation have proved to be differerent from those who surrender to them as the Iranian people are rational and capable to tackle the difficulties, said the Supreme Leader.

They claim that they are committed to the principles of human rights and flag bearer of human rights in the world but in action they have set the heaviest blow to human rights through violation of human rights in Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib detention centers and mass killing of innocent people in Afghanistan and Pakistan by drones which account for gross violation of human rights.

One of their illogical claims is about nuclear weapons, said the Supreme Leader adding that some 11 years ago they invaded Iraq under the pretext of weapons of mass destruction and they admitted their lie after they ruined Iraq.

The US officials currently backs the Zionist regime which is equipped with nuclear weapons posing threats to others, said the Supreme Leader.

The Americans claim they help promote democracy round the globe which is totally wrong, said Ayatollah Khamenei.

''They claim to be advocate of democracy in the world but in the meantime they are confronting with Iran which is exercising one of the most transparent and brightest democracy in the region.''

The Americans claim to be advocate of democracy in the world but they support regimes which have no sign of democracy and their people have not the experience of going to polls even once, said the Supreme Leader.

''The Islamic Republic of Iran does not want to proliferate nuclear weapons and there is nothing for the US worry about, because, the Islamic Republic of Iran considers possessing or using nuclear weapons as crime against humanity and calls for elimination of WMDs.''

On Iranian nuclear program, the Supreme Leader said that there is no dispute on banning nuclear weapons, but, in fact they seek to prevent Iran from its legitimate rights enshrined by Non-Proliferation Treaty -- uranium enrichment and civilian use of nuclear energy.

Trampling upon the legitimate rights of Iranian nation is a clear indication of US irrationality toward Iran and to the same reason direct talks with an illogical and bullying side will not help solve the problem, said the Supreme Leader.

On negotiations between Iran and the US, Ayatollah Khamenei said that the US with reliance on the media network which is under influence of Zionists seek to deceive world public opinion, region and the international community.

In drawing out the vital facts on talks between Iran and the US, the Supreme Leader underlined five key facts which all should be taken into consideration as illogical and contradiction in words and action of US officials, the US efforts to make Iranian nation give up as the main goal of such talks.

The Leader said that the US is not prepared to lift sanctions and that they are telling lie when they say they will lift sanctions upon resuming direct talks.

The aim behind the US offer for direct talks is nothing more than a media hype and hue and cry, said the Supreme Leader adding that they want to show to the world Muslims that a steadfastness nation such as Iran has finally came to the negotiating for compromise with Washington.

The global arrogance is to disappoint Muslim nations through pushing Iran to negotiatng table and now pursues the same goal through media hype but the Islamic Republic of Iran understands their goals and will give a proper response, said the Supreme Leader.

The Americans have interrupted talks several occasions while meeting with Iran's rational words, said the Supreme Leader.

''In the past 15 years for twice or three times they have called for mutual talks but after exchange of views they interrupted talks as they did not tolerate Iran's rational words and pretended that Iran has walked out of talks.''

'Do you think it would be necessary to once again taste US irrationality? Questioned the Supreme Leader.

The Supreme Leader said that US offiocials assume that Iranian nation have given up due to economic sanctions and will rush to negotiating table.

The aim behind economic sanctions is to bring the Iranian nation to their knees and separate them from Islamic government, said the Supreme Leader adding that if talks be held between the two sides but people remain in the scene calling for their legitimate rights, sanctions will not be removed.

Iranian nation are to attain economic prosperity through wisdom, firm determination and courage with reliance on its youths and do not want to attain lofty blessing with humiliation, said the Supreme Leader.

''There is no doubt that the Iranian nation will choose the path of reliance on Almighty God and will change the sanctions into an golden opportunity.''

People from poor class of society fully understand problems and never let the sanctions separate them from path of Islamic revolution as they believe that Islam helps them resolve all problems, said Ayatollah Khamenei.

The Supreme Leader in the meantime called for proper signs to be shown by the US to prove their goodwill about direct talks with Iran by a stop to bullying, respecting the rights of Iranian nation, non-interference in Iranian domestic affairs, and warmongering in the region.

If they prove their sincerity in action and prove that they are not illogical, they will see that the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iranian nation will adopt interactive approach toward them, said Ayatollah Khamenei.

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