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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Effective resistance, intelligent encountering threats, strength points of civilian defense

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Oct 30, IRNA -- Deputy Head of Iran’s Armed Forces Chiefs of Staff said here Monday monitoring threats against national security infrastructures and intelligent encountering them and effective resistance are points of strength of IRI civilian defense.

According to IRNA, the Media and Information Dissemination Office of the Joint Chief of Staff further quoted Brigadier General Seyyed Mas’oud Jazayeri made the comment at a ceremony on the occasion of the Civilian Defense Day, October 29th.

The high brass commander added, “The Civilian Defense Day provides an appropriate opportunity for scientific, technical, and realistic survey of the threats posed against the Islamic Revolution and our motherland and seeking an effective aboriginal pattern for effective encountering of entire possible threats against Iran.”

Brigadier General Jazayeri said, “Interactions and reciprocal strengthening of overlapping fields in charge of the military and civilian defense working for achieving modern, aboriginal, and effective defense models would definitely improve the national deterrent power and form a part of the successful defensive encountering capability, which is among the top priorities of the country’s armed forces.”

Referring to the progressive and ever onward moves of the country in the field of civilian defense, he expressed delight over the achieved endeavors and presented the agenda for the future priorities and necessities in this most sensitive field.

The head of the country’s Defense Propagation Headquarters reiterated, “Continuous monitoring of the enemy’s threats against the Islamic Republic of Iran has proved that the cyber threats against the national defense infrastructures of Iran has a significant place in the enemies aggressive strategy, and therefore, the designed cyber defense model is quite appropriate with the country’s needs of the day and the local identifications of the country.”

Further stressing the importance of civilian defense, Brigadier General Jazayeri noted the importance of effective interactions among the entire concerned officials in the field, reiterating, “The establishment of the Cyber Defense Headquarters would provide a strategic opportunity and capacity for the country.”

He said that defining the responsibilities and precise observing of the barriers of missions and duties of each organization and fund with overlapping fields of activities, including those of the Crisis Management Organization and the Civilian Defense Organization are among the important priorities in this field.

Brigadier General Jazayeri reiterated, “We need to take maximum advantage of our national capabilities and potentials and to further improve them so that at times of crisis we would never face inconsistency and doubt in implementation a certain action plans, and therefore, the observation of full discipline among the various concerned organs would definitely raise hope and dishearten the enemy.”

He said that designing new and intelligent defense models in the framework of the country’s defense structure based on appropriate scientific foundations, matching the country’s demands of the day proportionate with the enemy’s imposed threats is the wisest thing to do.

The deputy head of the mobilization and cultural defense of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said, “The existence of local elite and technician personnel at the country’s scientific and university society is a very rich and determining resource that presently the organs in charge of civilian defense have focused on, and their endeavors would be aimed at achieving that goal.”

Focusing on the minute threat posed by the Zionists, the senior commander of Iran's Armed Forces said that the Israeli regime will spell its own “swift death” by firing the first shot at Iran.

“The [Israeli] regime occupying al-Qods (Jerusalem) not only lacks the capability to make a military move against the Islamic Republic, but is also well aware that it will spell its own swift death by firing the first shot [at Iran],” Deputy Chairman of Iranian Armed Forces' Chiefs of Staff Brigadier General Mas’oud Jazayeri said Monday.

He also said that the occupied lands as well as the ‘illegitimate US interests’ in the region are all within the reach of Iranian missiles.

Jazayeri stressed that Iran will never initiate a war, but added that any aggression against the country will meet the Islamic Republic’s “resolute and extensive” response.

Israel has recently stepped up threats of carrying out a strike against Iran’s nuclear energy facilities.

The threats are based on the unfounded claims that the peaceful nuclear activities of the Islamic Republic include a military component.

Iranian officials have refuted the allegation and have promised a crushing response to any military strike against the country, warning that any such measure could result in a war that would spread beyond the Middle East.

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