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S. Leader: Some people consider their election competitors as Great Satan

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Bijar, N. Khorassan Prov, Oct 16, IRNA -- Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamene’ie said here Monday, “Some people consider their election competitors as Great Stan, while the Great Satan is US and Zionism, not a factional or an election competitor.

Speaking for a group of voluntary mobilization Basij forces, after elaboration of the characteristics of a real Basij member, his eminence stressed that entering the election campaign now that still over eight months remain till the IRI Presidential Elections is basically unnecessary.

His eminence added, “While some people involved in the election claim to be Islamic activists and are at the service of Islam and the revolution, why and with what justification some of their supporters consider the opposite side as Satan?”

His eminence Ayatollah Khamene’ie further stressed that proper recognition of the line and spot of engagement with the enemy is necessary, adding, “Of course it is possible that a person would have the appearance of an insider, but be at the same time repeating the literature of the enemy. Such a person must be advised, and if advice does not work in his case, a security border and separation line with him needs to be defined.”

Addressing such individuals, his eminence reiterated, “You who encounter the Islamic Republic resorting to the same sentiments of the Zionist regime, even though with a different literature, and resort to the logic of the United States in dealing with the Islamic system, then what is your difference with the Zionist regime and America?”

The leader of the revolution criticized both extremism and nonchalance in recognition of the friends and the foes, arguing, “Some people fall down from this side of the rooftop and some from the other side. Some even deal with the enemy, and some others who have slight difference of opinion (with them) assume that the friends are enemies.”

His Eminence Ayatollah Khamene’ie further elaborating the matter said, “Of course the differences of opinion might be deep and great, but under no conditions we should replace a friend with an enemy.”

The leader of the Islamic revolution focusing on next year’s presidential election of the Islamic Republic mentioned a number of significant points in particular.

Totally rejecting the idea of early entry at the election scene, the Supreme Leader emphasized, “The election is not near at hand, but some people have already entered this scene, which is a matter that is not approved by me at all, because any action has a proper place and time.”

Ayatollah Khamene’ie referred to three points as his ideas, beliefs, and wish for the upcoming presidential elections, noting, “The first point is the need for massive participation of the people at the election.”

His eminence further emphasized in this regard, “Landslide presence of the people at the election polls would be a guarantee and from right now the entire efforts of the concerned officials must be focused on this important matter that the presence of the people at the June, 2013 election should be very spectacular.”

The leader of the revolution said that the result of the elections should be to the benefit and the expedience of both the revolution and Iran, as the second important point in the mind of his eminence about the elections, adding, “Everyone must ask God, and at the same time open their eyes so that the result of the elections would be a good choice, in which the expedience of the revolution and the country would be dully considered.”

His eminence reiterated, “Of course this does not mean that if someone did not like someone else in this field, he would have to treat him harshly.”

The leader of revolution added, “Those who consider themselves appropriate and eligible should enter the scene at right time and the people, too, should evaluate them resorting to the indexes, and to spend efforts aimed at the victory of their favorite candidate.”

Ayatollah Khamene’ie noted that in the future, too, he would mention some points regarding the elections, put forth the third point I his mind for the time being, “The elections bring prestige and pride for the country and everyone must take care lest this issue should lead to defaming the system.”

His eminence referred to the resistance of the nation against the sedition after the 2009 IRI Presidential Elections, reiterating, “Some people tried to present that election as the manifestation of existence of dispute, and to turn the natural political turmoil thereof into sedition, which of course the nation stood firm against them, and whenever the like of that would occur in the future, too, the nation would resist against it.”

Ayatollah Khamene’ie at the end considered the free and fair aspect of the elections as a matter of significant importance, adding, “In all (former IRI) governments, including under the current conditions, our supposition has been, and still is, that the officials enter (the scene of elections) keeping in mind the divine supervision of God, and their own sound conscience, and that the elections are therefore sound and reliable.”

The leader all the same confirmed, “Of course various types of supervision from different angles are needed to ensure the free and fair aspects of the elections.”

Ayatollah Khamene’ie at the end prayed to God that this test, too, would turn into a blessing for the Iranian nation.

Islamic Republic News Agency/IRNA NewsCode: 80372299

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