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Navy Commander: Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz important for oil exports

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Chabahar, June 14, IRNA -- IRGC Navy commander referring to flow of 19 to 20 million bpd from Persian Gulf said here Wednesday Persian Gulf's role in provision of world oil and role of Strait of Hormuz as an energy passage for region are of utmost importance.

According to IRNA, Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi who was speaking in the inaugural ceremony to introduce the new commander of the NEDSA-Chabahar Imam Ali (P) Naval Base, added, 'This high volume of oil had decreased to 10 million barrels per day during the course of the Iraqi imposed war against Iran.'

He reiterated, 'In the course of time the role and high value of the Persian Gulf and the geographical position of the region is provision of energy for the world has been clarified for the world nations with the passage of each new day.'

The rear admiral added, 'During the course of the past two decades the energy flow through the Persian Gulf has been doubled and according to energy experts by the year 2020 that volume would be increased to over 40 million bpd.'

Fadavi reiterated, 'Since 1973 when the energy crisis occurred at international level the share of Persian Gulf in provision of world energy decreased from 75% to some 66%, but that decrease had reverse effect on Persian Gulf's role in provision of natural gas for the world.'

Rear Admiral Fadavi said, 'Out of daily world production of 1.3 billion bpd of oil 800 billion barrels are produced in the Persian Gulf and Iran, Russia, and Qatar are the top gas producers of the world.'

He added, 'Location of Iran and Qatar on the coasts of the Persian Gulf with their noticeable natural gas resources has doubled the importance of this gulf as the main vein of world energy provision.'

The Islamic Republic Guard Corps Navy Commander meanwhile emphasized the strategic position of Iran both in the Persian Gulf and in the Oman Sea, arguing, 'The geographic and strategic position of our country has now been clarified for the enemies more than ever before, which is the reason why they take extreme care lest an encounter would occur in this gulf, because in that case with the shooting of the first bullet in the Persian Gulf the western economy would totally collapse.'

Rear Admiral Fadavi reiterated, 'On October 18th, 1987, when Iran's Reshadat and Resalat oil derricks were hit by the enemies in the Persian Gulf, according to economists, within a few hours the international stock markets witnessed the sharpest stock value drop in their history.'

He said, 'The dependence of world to the Persian Gulf today is recognized today for world nations much more than it was in the year 1978, and so is the increased capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran.'

He reiterated, 'During the years that Iran has been engaged in war in the course of its history, the geographical threats against this country at any dimension have been limited to Iran's land borders, but today there is also the threat from the sea, which is why we need to strengthen our defense capabilities.'

The IRGC Navy commander said, 'While 95% of Iran's exports are through the seas, the main volume of our country's imports, too, are through the same route.'

He added, 'Two thirds of the world population live by the sea coasts and they are well off financially, while the residents of Iran's southern coasts are benefitted from least possible development and advancement facilities.'

Fadavi noted, 'Although many infrastructure projects are underway on the southern coasts of Iran, but the speed of their implementation is very low, whose acceleration calls for double will of the concerned officials.'

The IRGC Navy commander meanwhile expressed hope that Chabahar Naval Base in collaboration with Konarak Base would perform its missions at optimum excellence level.

He said, 'Relying on the backing and stationing of Air Force fighter jets and reconnaissance panes in the Persian Gulf region the capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Persian Gulf region have been doubled.'

At the end of the ceremony Admiral Mansour Ravankav was introduced as the Commander of Chabahar's Imam Ali (P) Naval Base.

Islamic Republic News Agency/IRNA NewsCode: 80182524

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