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Moscow conference warns of West playing with Iran's nuclear card

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Moscow, May 4, IRNA -- The international conference on missile shield defense in Moscow warned West of playing with a nuclear Iran card.

Inaugurated by Russian officials on Thursday, the conference announced that playing with nuclear Iran and North Korea card has come to an end and Kremlin cannot tolerate to see the West playing with the old card.

More than 200 experts from 50 countries have gathered in Moscow for two-day international conference on missile defense.

Russians said Iran and North Korea can no longer be a pretext for West, especially US to further develop its missile defense shield in Europe to mislead world public opinions of the dangers posed by West's moves in this regard.

Because Moscow is deeply concerned about plans of the US to deploy elements of its anti-missile shield in eastern Europe since Washington gives no legally binding guarantees that the shield would not be targeting Russia.

Russian officials, especially the Chief of the Russian General Staff Nikolai Makarov reiterated on Thursday that the West's claims about the so-called Iranian and North Korean threats are baseless.

He said the West is just to aggravate the world and regional situation by deployment of an American missile defense system close to its borders with a halo imagination about Iran and North Korea.

The aim of the conference was to raise awareness of the potential impact the above system might have on global security and how Russia may respond to it.

Anyhow the conference could well convince or impose the western countries' representatives in it that Iran's nuclear program case is but just a western pretext to illogically justify their deeds.

Russian logics in the conference bore fruits and after a while France's Director for Strategy Affairs and Defense Policy Michel Miraillet said Iran's ballistic missile program does not yet pose a threat to Europe or the United States.

'Firstly Iran's ballistic missile program threatens neither Europe nor the United States,' he said. 'Secondly, the Iranian nuclear program is merely developed for civilian purposes.

Anyhow the conference could well prove that West playing with Iran card is over and no longer bears fruits to world of regional security but to exacerbate it.

Islamic Republic News Agency/IRNA NewsCode: 80113135

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