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Italian PM: Sanctions against Iran create a lot of problems for Italy

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Rome, Feb 24, IRNA -- Italian Prime Minister, by referring to numerous problems of his country because of economic recession, said that sanctions against Iran oil will increase problems for Italy.

In a joint press conference with the European Union Parliament Speaker Martin Schulz, Mario Monti, by referring to the EU decision concerning imposition of sanctions against Iran oil, said that Italy as an active member of the EU should follow the Union decision on Tehran sanctioning.

He did not mention anything on the US pressure on the issue, but said that because of Italy's reliance on foreign energy it will feel consequences of this sanction more than other countries, but there are decisions which Rome can not reject them.

Monti underlined that we know very well that imposing sanctions against Iranian oil will not hurt countries equally and added that it will create problem for Italy more than other states.

Quoting experts in a report by Italian official news agency “ ANSA”, any kind of sanction against Iran has been considered unfounded and harmful for Italian and European firms.

The Agency said that imposing sanction against Iran will endanger around 30 thousand job opportunities in Italy.

ANSA explained Italian trade community situation in Tehran and added that imposing sanction against Tehran is useless, because it can not prevent Iranian peaceful nuclear progresses and on the other hands it is detrimental for Italian economy.

Considering economic crisis, he said there exists the danger that by imposing sanctions, Italian companies having consolidated situation in Iran would lose theirs position and other countries like Turkey or China would take the position in a market full of trade opportunities, the news agency stressed.

Trade exchanges between Iran and Italy reached six billion Euro annually.

Italy imports from Iran are more than 4 billion Euros in value. The imports mainly comprise oil and petrochemical products. While the exports are around two billion Euro in value, mainly including mechanical instruments and parts.

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