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Iran's nuclear activities are under IAEA control: Envoy

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Vienna, Feb 23, IRNA -- Islamic Republic of Iran's Ambassador to Austria Ebrahim Sheibani said that Iran's nuclear activities are under the auspices of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Sheibani made the remarks in an interview with the Vienna-based newspaper 'Courier' in Vienna on Thursday.

However, he said that although hundreds of closed circuit cameras have been installed inside Iranian nuclear facilities, IAEA still wants to inspect military facilities which have nothing to do with Iran's nuclear activities.

Referring to negotiations between Iranian officials and IAEA inspectors, Sheibani noted that the Iranian officials are trying to show to the world that Iran's nuclear programme is not confidential or covert and that Iran is merely pursuing peaceful purposes through confidence building measures.

'Our Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in a religious decree has prohibited making of any nuclear bomb. Which other country has done so?, USA?, Israel?, What else should we do?,' the top diplomat added.

Asked by the Austrian newspaper about Iran's problem with IAEA, Sheibani responded that cooperation should be based on mutual trust.

'Five of our nuclear scientists have been martyred recently and certain countries (Israel) are proud that they are behind such assassinations. This is while we had only provided the names of our scientists to the international organizations such as UN and IAEA. How come that some terrorist states got access to such information?,' he noted.

Asked about the impact of sanctions imposed by the US and UN on Iran, Sheibani noted that we cannot deny that sanctions are harmful to us, but we prefer to have strong trade ties with all countries, but when sanctions are imposed on Iran and prevent trade transactions with other countries, 'we have to rely on ourselves.'

He pointed out that Islamic Republic of Iran has tried to have friendly relationship with other countries, but some countries are really merciless.

'According to which international law, Central Bank of Iran's assets are frozen in Europe? This is an illegal measure. If the West wants to suffocate us, we will also do whatever we can to confront it,' Sheibani added.

He pointed out that independence is important for Iran and the Iranian are ready to pay a heavy price for achieving that goal.

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