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China considers new EU act against Iran 'harmful'

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Beijing, Jan 24, IRNA -- A Chinese newspaper wrote on Tuesday that Chinese government believes European Union new sanctions against Iran are 'harmful'.

China Daily, by reflecting Iran’s stances against EU new sanctions, including oil, wrote that Tehran has asked Arab countries to be aware against west and the US conspiracies.

The Chinese paper described sanctions against Iran’s oil industry as a two-edge sword which will have negative effects on the European side, too.

The daily wrote Americans should know that sanctions against Iran oil will cause increase crude oil price in the world which will threaten western industries.

Referring to common stances of China and Russia in support for Iran, China Daily added that Beijing will resist against these sanctions, because it knows that west wants to push Iran to sell its oil cheaper.

The newspaper stressed that China and Russia, as two permanent members of the United Nations Security Council consider unilateral sanctions of the west against Iran 'harmful'.

Last week, Chinese senior officials told US Finance Secretary Timothy Geithner, who visited Beijing to lobby with them on Iran oil, that they are not going to sever oil purchase and other relations with Iran.

China Deputy Foreign Minister Ji Joon called US acts for sanctions against Iran oil as 'illogical'.

China Foreign Ministry Spokesman Liu Weimin also supported his country oil deal with Iran last week.

He told reporters that China needs energy and this issue has no relation with nuclear problem and it should not be influenced by such issues.

The spokesman pointed out that China economic growth, world financial stability and nuclear issue are three separate issues which should be considered independently.

Chinese government will support negotiation and dialogue for settling Iran nuclear issue and considers other provocative acts of the west harmful and dangerous for world peace and stability.

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