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IR Iran will retaliate its scientists' assassinations: Moslehi

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Jan 15, IRNA -- Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi said the Islamic Republic of Iran will give a decisive and crushing response to the recent terrorist acts by agents of Mossad, CIA and MI6 which resulted in martyrdom of Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan.

Hojjatoleslam Moslehi made the remarks at the end of cabinet meeting among reporters in Tehran on Sunday.

Iranian nuclear scientist, Ahmadi Roshan, who worked at Iran's Natanz nuclear site and his driver were martyred last Wednesday (January 11) in a terrorist attack in northern Tehran.

'US and UK cannot pretend that they did not have anything to do with the terrorist attack,' the minister added.

While extending his condolences to the families of martyrs of the terrorist act, Hojjatoleslam Moslehi said that one of the martyrs was an elite scientist of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

'An important point which is quite evident in this incident is that the US and UK governments cannot distance themselves from the terrorist act by claiming the Iranian scientist was not martyred by their agents,' he said.

Referring to the terrorist measures of the Zionist regime in the Middle East, Hojjatoleslam Moslehi pointed out that the US and UK have installed the Zionist regime in the Middle East to commit these crimes as we see them now.

Emphasizing that the Zionist regime will not be left without a response, the intelligence minister noted that the Zionist officials should clarify what they have to say vis-a-vis the state terrorist acts carried out by them.

Hojjatoleslam Moslehi pointed out that the US and UK support Mossad's espionage activities.

'They carry out such desperate measures while call Iran's intelligence apparatus desperate in carrying out its duties,' he added.

The intelligence minister stated that the international bodies, especially human rights organizations should react to the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists.

'Because of the approach they have adopted by assassinating Iranian scientists, they should await similar incidents to take place in their countries,' Hojjatoleslam Moslehi added.

He pointed out that the Islamic Republic of Iran will give crushing responses to US, UK, Mossad and their terrorist attempts.

'A national committee will be formed in coordination with the secretariat of the Supreme National Security Council in order to provide the international legal organizations with the existing documents pertaining to the involvement of the Zionist regime in assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists,' the minister said.

Asked about what measures have been done to protect the Iranian scientists, Hojjatoleslam Moslehi said that protecting the lives of scientists are among duties of military and law enforcement organizations while decision-making about them is the responsibility of the Supreme National Security Council.

'Intelligence Ministry is not responsible for protecting the Iranian nuclear scientists and we do not define the manner in which these scientists should be protected,' he added.

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