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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Iran says continuous scientists' assassination, sign of U.S., Zionist plots

ISNA - Iranian Students' News Agency

News Code :9010-05371

TEHRAN (ISNA)-Assassination of another Iranian nuclear scientist came on the second anniversary of the martyrdom of Iranian university professor and nuclear scientist, Massoud Ali Mohammadi, January 11.

The assassination took place when an unknown motorcyclist fastened a magnetic bomb to vehicle of the scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan outside a university in Tehran on Wednesday.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast told ISNA the way by which Roshan was assassinated is exactly the same as the assassination of the other scientists in the country, adding the action was carried out by Zionist regime supported by some western countries particularly the U.S.

Mehmanparast called for the international organizations particularly the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to take a clear position in this regard, noting, "If they do not show a serious reaction on the terrorist attacks, it will be proved that the organizations are behind the action. They should be held accountable before the nations across the world.”

Ahmadi Roshan was immediately killed in the bomb blast and his driver, who had sustained injuries, passed away a few hours later in a hospital.

Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan 32-year old was a chemical engineering graduate of Iran's prominent Sharif University of Technology and served as marketing deputy of Iran's Natanz nuclear installation.

A similar bomb explosion on January 12, 2010 killed Tehran University professor Massoud Ali Mohammadi, a senior physics professor. He was killed when a bomb-rigged motorcycle exploded near his car as he was about to leave for work.

In November 2010, a pair of back-to-back bomb attacks in different parts of the capital killed Majid Shahriari and wounded Fereydoun Abbasi.

Chemist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan was the fourth Iranian nuclear scientist assassinated and targeted by motorcycle bombers in the past two years.

Mehmanparast added there is a direct link between some western countries’ irrational reaction on Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities, inclusion of Iranian nuclear scientist’s names in the resolutions and the terrorist actions to remove the scientists.

He noted, “Anyone who does not show a serious position before the issue supports the action directly or indirectly and the actions are not acceptable at all.”

Mehmanparast’s remarks came following the fact that Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan has recently met with the IAEA inspectors. Iran has already protested release of its nuclear information particularly in the IAEA but has got no result yet.

Beside the issues, the letter of the Head of the U.S. Congress National Security Commission and two others to the U.S. President Barack Obama in which they stressed the covert operations against Iran’s facilities and scientists, show that the U.S. has issued the permit for the assassination and terrorist attacks in Iran and they should make the issue transparent if it does not accept the responsibility.

The terrorist action took place concurrent with the start of enrichment activities at Fordo site by 20 percent which has been approved by the IAEA. Western countries showed irrational and tough reaction to the issue whereas all the activities are under the supervision of the IAEA.

Terrorist actions in the last two years have overshadowed Iran’s talks with p5+1 and the recent terrorist action is carried out when Iran and P5+1 are trying to schedule talks.

Iranian nuclear scientist Majid Shahriari was killed in a blast in November 2010 when Iran and p5+1 were supposed to hold talks in Istanbul.

The same results would be expected if the action aim at pressing Iran over the dialogues with P5+1.

Over the last two years, Iran has made intensive progress and that scientific sources across the world has approved that Iran has achieved considerable scientific growth while the U.S. lacked any growth in scientific domains, therefore, the hegemonic power has put the assassination of Iranian scientists and creating fear among the scholars in its agenda to confront the country’s dignity and prevent Iran from achieving its ideals.

Assassination of Majid Shahriari and Dariush Rezaei-Nejad were carried out in this line as well.

Meanwhile Iranian Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi noted the terrorist attack came by agents of Arrogance, Zionist regime and those who claim are advocates of fighting terrorism, adding, “Enemies of Iranian nation should know that they cannot hinder progress of Islamic Republic of Iran in different scientific domains.”

No group has claimed the responsibility for the terrorist action yet.

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News Code: 9010-05371

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