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Commander: Regional countries should protect security together

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Jan 8, IRNA -- Navy commander said regional countries can join Iran in military excercises and stressed that regional security should be protected by all countries of the region.

Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari in a live TV program on Saturday evening said that abilities of the countries in the region are not the same as Iran's and we have proved that we can establish security in the region alone.

He added 'Velayat 90' exercise was against threats as well as against sanctions and we hold a naval exercise annually with more equipment.

The Navy Commander continued that the exercise was against those who threaten Iran.

Among the goals of the maneuver was to send message of peace and friendship to countries of the region, he went on to say, while we evaluate our defensive abilities.

Referring to the 'Velayat 90' exercise, the rear admiral said that western media tried to present it as a kind of threat and added that some countries which their presence in the region is illegitimate are trying to show it horrible, but regional countries should know that we all have interests and resources in the region and we should establish regional security together.

Referring to the negative reaction of the Zionist regime officials to the exercise, the commander said that the Zionist regime does not want to see Iran’s progress and always wants to challenge Iranian exercise, but I, as an Iranian, declare that they are not in a situation to say something against Iran and they do not dare to act against Iran.

The commander also talked about progressive missile technology and said that in the maneuver we tested three types of missiles of surface to the sea, and surface to surface.

He added that we have also tested torpedoes in the exercise and they do not believe that we have the ability to use such missiles, because it needs a special ability, and we do have it.

Sayyari said that our ability is upon our needs adding that world arrogant powers want to dominate the region and we should protect and defend our interests.

Maybe certain countries in the region buy weapons, but they do not have the know-how to use it, the general said.

He continued that Iran has the first position in the region because of its knowledge and ability in using weapons and Iran armed forces have enough ability to protect security in the Middle East.

The rear admiral said that Hormuz Straight was a small part of the maneuver area and added that we do not allow any plane or warship to get close to the exercise area.

'Velayat 90' naval maneuver was held in December 2011 in an area between Oman Sea and north Indian Ocean.

Islamic Republic News Agency/IRNA NewsCode: 30753763

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