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SNSC official: IAEA approach towards Iranís nuclear program unconstructive

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Moscow, Nov 10, IRNA -- Iran’s deputy Supreme National Security Council Secretary said here Wednesday despite Iran’s announcement of full readiness for cooperation with agency, under west’s pressure, agency’s approach towards Iran is unconstructive.

According to the IRNA correspondent in Moscow, the SNSC Deputy Secretary in Foreign Policy and International Affairs Ali Baqeri made the comment after a meeting Wednesday evening with his Russian counterpart, Evgeni Lukianev in Moscow in a meeting with the press.

He added, “The representatives of Russia and China at the UN, too, have said that the agency’s move is contrary with its nature as a legislative entity.”

Baqeri added, “Beyond doubt the UN watchdog Chief Yokia Amano’s approach that is adopted under the US pressure demolishes the credibility and reputation of his affiliated international organization.”

The deputy secretary of Iran’s SNSC focusing on the objective of his meetings with the Russian officials reiterated, “These meeting are in the framework harmonizing the continuous cooperation between Iran and Russia in various fields, consultations on upcoming developments, and pursuing the two countries’ active diplomacy towards the regional and international developments.”

He added, “Today I also discussed issued of mutual interest with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his deputy Sergei Ryabkov, including the major regional developments, and the recent report of the IAEA managing director.”

Baqeri focusing on the recent Amano report and the resolute stands adopted by Russia and China on that report, said, “We have still not announced the Islamic Republic of Iran’s stands in this respect, from the legal and diplomatic points of the view.”

Referring to Iran’s good will in its interactions with the International Atomic Energy Organization (IAEA), and Tehran’s announcement of its full readiness for constructive cooperation with that organization, added, “Unfortunately, the agency has adopted a very unconstructive approach in this respect, which has faced the serious objections on the part of Russia and China.”

The SNSC Deputy Secretary in Foreign Policy and International Affairs Ali Baqeri arrived in Moscow Tuesday morning on an invitation extended by Russian officials.

He held meetings with the Russia’s National Security Secretary Nicolai Patrushev and his deputy Evgeni Lukianev, reviewing the major security issues of the two countries, as well as the upcoming conditions of the region.

Criticizing the Wednesday report of the IAEA director on Iran was among the most important part of those meetings.

Baqeri on Wednesday also met and conferred with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his deputy Sergei Ryabkov, who is his country’s top negotiator in 5+1G on various issues.

Russia on Wednesday vehemently criticized UN nuclear watchdog report, saying it contained no new evidence and was being used to undercut efforts to reach a diplomatic solution.

Sharpening opposition to any new sanctions against Iran in the UN Security Council, where Russia has veto power, senior diplomats said further punitive measures would be 'destructive' and urged a revival of talks between Tehran and global powers.

The Russian remarks came during a visit by a senior Iranian official for talks on the program which Tehran says is peaceful but the United States and its allies fear is aimed at developing the capability to build atomic weapons.

They underscored a divide between Russia and the west over a report by the UN International Atomic Energy Agency that deepened US and European suspicions about Tehran's intentions.

'According to our initial evaluations, there is no fundamentally new information in the report,' the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

'We are talking about a compilation of known facts, given a politicized tone,' it said, adding that interpretations of the report brought to mind the use of faulty intelligence to seek support for the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Earlier, in a barrage of Russian comments on Iran, Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said any new sanctions 'will be seen in the international community as an instrument for regime change in Tehran,' Interfax reported.

'That approach is unacceptable to us, and the Russian side does not intend to consider such proposals.'

Russia's point man for Iran diplomacy, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, said Moscow is opposed to 'strengthening sanctions pressure on Iran' and is trying to bring other nations in line with that stance, Itar-Tass reported.

'We are showing them the faulty and destructive nature of that policy,' Ryabkov said.

A US official said the United States could impose more sanctions on Iran. French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said the Security Council should be convened and that Paris was ready to adopt 'unprecedented' sanctions if Tehran refused to cooperate with efforts to ensure it is not pursuing nuclear weapons.

Russia has grudgingly approved four rounds of UN sanctions on Iran after watering them down, with China. But it has criticized the western states for imposing additional punitive measures and signaled in recent months that it would oppose a new push for sanctions in the Security Council.

Russia has close commercial ties with Iran and built a nuclear power plant that was switched on in the Islamic Republic this year. It has repeatedly said too much pressure on Tehran is counterproductive.

Russia is instead calling for a step-by-step process under which existing sanctions would be eased in return for actions by Tehran to dispel international concerns.

In its statement, the Foreign Ministry said discussions of the IAEA report had turned into a tool for attempts to scuttle the Russian initiative and doom chances for a diplomatic settlement, warning that could sow confrontation.

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