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What was Amano doing in US National Security Council 12 days ago?

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Vienna, Nov 8, IRNA -- The International Atomic Energy Agency Chief, Yukiya Amano, went to the White House 12 days ago to discuss his latest antagonistic report on Iran’s nuclear program with the senior officials of the United States’ National Security Council.

The news of the meeting was disclosed only yesterday through diplomatic circles had already stressed that Amano was under severe pressure by the White House to append forged documents for his alleged studies to his November report.

The IAEA head, having received a strong “no” by Chinese officials to his anti-Iran report, just packed up and headed to the US under the cover of attending the United Nations General Assembly to present his report to the White House for approval.

During the trip and in his first report to the UN General Assembly, Amano repeated the same old claims about Iran’s “reluctance” to cooperate with the nuclear watchdog. The claims come despite the fact that Tehran has been allowing the biggest number of IEAE inspections in the history of the organization into its nuclear facilities.


1. According to the latest reports, Tehran has permitted “five thousand person-day inspection” – which is the biggest number of inspections in the history of the International Atomic Energy Agency – to prove its goodwill to the organization.

For further transparency, it has even opened the doors of its “center for research on construction of advanced centrifuges” to IAEA Deputy Director General and head of the Department of Safeguards Herman Nackaerts, which is a move ahead of the Non-Proliferations Treaty (NTP) commitments.

Following meetings between Iran’s foreign minister and head of the National Atomic Energy Organization with Amano, Nackaerts was invited to Iran to visit any facilities he liked. During his five-day stay in Iran, the IAEA deputy chief visited the uranium enrichment facilities in Natanz, Fordow, UCF facilities in Isfahan, the research reactor, Bushehr nuclear power plant and even the research project for construction of advanced centrifuges which is not committed to the NPT.

According to the experts, this in itself proves Iran’s full transparency and its will to cooperate with the IAEA given the fact that no other inspection team belonging to the nuclear watchdog has ever before visited any centrifuge research center or even one single machine or instrument in other countries saved Iran.

The first question posed by IRNA to Amano after the release of his report to the UN was: “in which country and in what time have you ever experienced such a degree of transparency?” there were no answers available yet when parts of Amano reports were leaked to western media.

2. The leaking of parts of Amano report to western media severely questioned his claims of “impartiality”.

The 65-year Japanese diplomat promised to be “an impartial, confident and skilled” general director when he arrived to assume the post two years ago but the most important question now is the quality of his performance during the period.

A brief glance at the IAEA positions on issues regarding Iran’s nuclear program and its silence over the behavior of certain western countries as well as the Zionist regime provide a clear answer to this question.

No need to mention that the IEAE chief has always come up with peculiar claims with military-related motivations whenever the body has embarked on concluding the issue of Iran’s nuclear program based on its findings and inspections. The recent content of western media on Iran’s nuclear program which is based on the IAEA new report just proves the fact.

Now let's find an answer to the question that why did the body decide to keep relying on unfounded and un-approved information provided by certain western countries including the US in its dealings with Iran?

Experts say that the watchdog organization – contrary to its constitution - has been involved in malicious intelligence activities against Iran for months and even years which undoubtedly contradict its mission. Now it has been proved that all its claims were fabricated and hollow.

However, the International Atomic Energy Organization has been quite dumb on “equipping of non-nuclear European countries with nuclear arsenal and the transfer of systems relating to this arsenal by the United States to them – which is in clear violation of the stated NPT commitments.

If Amano is really impartial, he has to explain why he has not been talking about the probable secret activities by western countries to install hundreds of nuclear warheads on the European soil and also fails to provide reports on them to such international organizations as the United Nations? He surely knows how dangerous these warheads are to the health of people living in these zones?

Why has he kept silent on the nuclear items which went missing inside the US and then little by little tried to forget the whole issue? Who is in the possession of these items right now?

The latest case of Amano’s negligence is his silence over the test of new ballistic missiles with the capability of carrying nuclear warheads by the Zionist regime.

Now the major question pops up again: how long and how far is the IAEA going to keep its selective attitudes towards countries especially the developing states which aim at portraying them as deviations from the IAEA principles? Does Mr Amano who is a graduate of Tokyo law school regard such a behavour as just and fair.

3. And, while there have been no answers to these questions yet, the new York Times on Monday gave another piece of information about the IAEA chief: “The Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Yukyo Amano discussed his latest report on Iran’s nuclear programs with the senior US National Security Council officials in the White House 12 days ago.”

Now, what did Amano have to do there 12 days ago?

It seems he thinks he is still Japan’s ambassador to the IAEA and thus has to check his positions and attitudes with the US.

Reports say that Amano was under severe White House pressure to append forged documents for his alleged studies to his November report.

We have to point out here that the Islamic Republic of Iran submitted a 117-page report to the IAEA containing some of these forged and hollow calims.

In 2007, based on a modality with the then IAEA chief, Mohammed ElBaradei, Iran managed to get certificates for its plutonium tests, P1 and P2 centrifuges, sources of pollution, metal uranium document, plutonium 110 and Gachin mines.

At the time, ambassadors of the US, Uk, France and Japan objected to ElBaradei on the issue saying he had no right to see the modality with Iran as “done” and “over. The Japanese ambassador was no one other than Mr Amano.

Iran proved in its 117-page report that all claims raised against lack of authenticity are engineered and hollow.

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