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Iran to UN Sec Gen: US accusations on KSA envoy fully baseless

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

New York, Nov 5, IRNA -- Reprehensive of IR of Iran to UN New York HQ in a letter addressed to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon Friday explained how baseless and balloony US accusation on assassination plot of Saudi envoy in Washington has been.

In the open letter to Mr. Ban we read, “The Islamic Republic of Iran in response to the UN Secretary General’s October 14th in which Your Excellency had informed our country of the permanent US ambassador’s letter, rules out as a baseless conspiracy the claims on involvement of any official, or organization affiliated to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the claimed terrorist plots.”

In the letter to the UN Sec Gen it is announced that the Islamic Republic of Iran as a victim of terrorism, has always denounced the entire state sponsored and international terrorist acts and has always considered itself fully committed to the 1973 Convention on prevention and punishment of the criminal individuals who might even be supported internationally, including politicians, and therefore, as soon as getting information on the probable presence of one of the accused culprits in the claimed plot Iran, began an investigation through the Interpol, and asked the country’s disciplinary forces to adopt necessary measures respectively.”

The outcome of these investigations is that the person claimed by the US officials is a member of the MKO terrorist grouplet.

“Thus, it is revealed that the US claims on involvement of elements, or officials affiliated to the Iranian government have been fully devoid of truth and that there is no authentic document to prove any relation, or contacts between the accused person in the plot and any organization affiliated to the Islamic Republic of Iran, including the Qods Brigades. Therefore, making accusations based on a number of suspicious phone talks, or money transfer can only make people laugh, and prove how baseless the accusations have been.”

Elsewhere in the letter of the Iranian representative office we read, “The United States in its fabrications of the claimed conspiracy plot aimed at imposing pressure against Iran and increasing the Iranophobia degree, acted so hurriedly as to take as granted the made accusations, while no culprit had yet been put before any court of justice.

“The strange point is that in accordance with the remarks made by an accused person, as reported in US media, at the court hearing session dated October 24th, 20011, he had pleader not guilty in case of the entire US accusations. That is further proof on the antagonist approach of the US administration.

In addition to these points, the US administration has ignored its commitments in accordance with Article 4 of the 1973 Convention: the US administration made its assassination accusation along with launching a wave of media propagation against Iran, which is of course not the first time it is adopting such an approach against Iran and against other independent countries along with making unproved accusations.”

The representative office of Iran at the UN has in the letter while inviting that organization and its member countries to remain alert, warned against the negative aftermaths of propagations based on baseless and fabricated accusations, reiterating that the Islamic Republic of Iran considers the US moves as threats against the international peace and security.

At the end, the letter asks the UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon to both register it as an official UN document, and to publish its text and distribute it among the UN member countries.

Islamic Republic News Agency/IRNA NewsCode: 30647457

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