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Defense Min: Armed Forces ready to counter enemies entire threats

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Kermanshah, Oct 20, IRNA -- Minister of Defense and Logistical Support of IRI Armed Forces said here Wednesday armed forces of our country are from strength and military points of view in ideal conditions and ready for countering any threat posed by enemies.

Brigadier General IRGC Sardar Ahmad Vahidi who was speaking with IRNA in an exclusive interview Wednesday night after a session of cabinet meeting in Kermanshah, referring to high defense readiness of Iran for countering any type of threats, or invasions posed of imposed by the enemies reiterated, “Such threats have always existed, but the point that is to be taken for sure today is the undoubted high might of the Islamic Republic of Iran Armed Forces for countering the entire threats posed by the enemies today, which should be dully emphasized.”

He added, “If you see that every once in a while the enemies resort to threatening us, we should at any rate keep in mind that they are looking for escape goats for covering up the huge problems with which they are entangled at home and abroad, otherwise, they themselves are well aware of the huge might of our country’s armed forces.”

Brigadier General Vahidi further emphasized, “Fortunately there is no place for being worried, and relying on grace of God and the guidance of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, the exemplary might and combat readiness of the brave IRI Armed Forces is increased with the passage of each new day.”

The high brass military official also assured the nation of the armed forces’ effective border keeping of the country, arguing, “With the might and determination seen from the Islamic Republic of Iran Guard Corps (IRGC) in suppressing the Pejak terrorist grouplet recently, we are today once again witnesses to the full restoration of security throughout the long and porous Iranian air, land and sea borders.”

Sardar Vahidi pointed out that the border security of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the fruit of the might of the IRGC, the IRI Army, the IRI and IRGC Air Forces, and the IRI and IRGC Navies, the country’s disciplinary forces and all in all, the entire armed forces of the country, emphasizing, “This is a sustainable security, which leaves no place for any worries.”

The Minister of Defense and Logistical Support for Armed Forces elsewhere in the interview spoke of clearing of the mine fields by the armed forces, arguing, “Keeping in mind the special conditions in those mine fields, we have done our best to end their full clearing by the beginning of the next (Iranian) New Year (starting on March 20th, 1012).”

Islamic Republic News Agency/IRNA NewsCode: 30621300

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