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Ahmadinejad to Al-Jazeera: US to gain nothing of new anti-Iran accusation

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Oct 18, IRNA -- IRI President said in a live interview with Al-Jazeera English TV Iranian nation is a victim of terrorism; disturbing Iran-Saudi ties is aimed at exerting regional hegemony; and Americans would gain nothing out of new anti-Iran accusation.

According to the IRNA Monday Night News Team, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in the interview that in addition to disturbing relations between the two major Islamic countries, by fabricating this baseless scenario the Americans are also after overshadowing their rapidly growing internal economic problems.

Referring to the subject of the US anti-Iranian accusation, or the assassination plot against the Saudi Ambassador to US, the Iranian political leader added, “Experience proves that such moves have never bore any fruits for the US officials, as the truth would be revealed for the nations in the long run.

He also stressed that terror is among the ugliest deeds that can be conducted and this accusation of the US government must be surveyed from various aspects, adding, “Everyone knows that such accusations against the Iranian nation are quite baseless, as terrorism is the method of those who lack culture, civilization and strong logic, while the Iranian nation is a highly cultural, civilized and logical nation, favoring friendship and brotherly relations with every country, which has never invaded any of its neighbors, or any other country, always regulating its relations based on laws and regulations.”

The president posed the question, “Why should Iran assassinate the ambassador of a friendly neighbor in the US soil?” He added, “The Iranian nation is opposed to the policies of the US administrations and announces its opposition openly, not being worried about its aftermaths the slightest bit.”

Pointing out that there are various assumptions regarding the new US accusation, reiterating, “The first supposition is that by this claim the US administration intends to disturb the Tehran-Riyadh relations, in which case they are highly mistaken, because the nations would eventually know the whole truth of the matters.”

Ahmadinejad said that overshadowing the internal US problems is another supposition, adding, “It is as clear as day that such a supposition, too, would bear no fruit for the US administration, since their economic problems are so acute that accusing Iran would solve none of them.”

The IRI President added, “The US anti-Iran accusation is so baseless and irrational that it is like accusing Iran of being the real factor in the beginning of the Vietnam, or the Korea wars, or the main factor encouraging the former US president George W. Bush to invade Iraq and Afghanistan!”

In response to another question on the Islamic Republic of Iran’s clear stand regarding the new US accusation, President Ahmadinejad reiterated, “The IRI Foreign Ministry has in a formal communiqué officially rejected the accusation, and even filed complaints at the international organizations accordingly.”

The head of the executive branch of power pointed out that the roots of the majority of terrorist acts in the world can be found in the body of the US system, reiterating, “A while ago a man called Rigi, who had conducted lots of terrorist acts in Iran was arrested by the Iranian intelligence officers and in the course of his interrogations at the judiciary force it was revealed and he confessed that he had been under full US supportive umbrella throughout those entire terrorist acts. We sent a copy of his confessions for President Barack Obama and another copy of them to the UN Sec Gen, but they none reacted in any way.”

In response to another question on Iran’s probable move at the UN Security Council regarding the recent US accusation, he said, “The UNSC is under the hegemony of the US administration, and the various US administrations ever since the 1954 US-backed coup in Iran and particularly during the course of the past 30 years have been adopting anti-Iranian stands constantly.’

He added, “Meanwhile, today the UN is not truly an organization at the service of the entire world nations, because the highest decision making organ at UN is not its General Assembly, but the UNSC with only 5 major members, which is obviously undemocratic and unjust, and furthermore, the United States is the ruler of that body, which is why the decisions made there are both legally and rationally devoid of any value.”

President Ahmadinejad reiterated, “On the other hand, if the US administration would impose pressure against Iran at the UNSC, the UN would lose the remainder of its reputation, as well.”

Pointing out that the Iranian nation is the victim of terrorism, he referred to the martyrdoms of president Mohammad-Ali Raja’ie and prime minister Mohammad-Javad Bahonar, as well as a large number of the high ranking Iranian officials, saying, “A terrorist group exploded the Prime Minister’s Office and the centreal Office of Jomhouri Eslami Party, during the early years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and those who had accepted responsibility for those terrorist acts fled to the United States and are moving at large there even today, living normal lives and doing business.”

The president in response to a question whether Iran would conduct any investigation regarding the recent US accusation, said, “There is no reason why we should conduct such an investigation, because the US administration keeps on accusing us of new crimes with the passage of each new day, and in that case we would have to abandon our entire activities, and focus merely on such investigations!”

He reiterated, “The US approach in dealing with the nations is wrong, since even if they intend to impose pressure against the Iranian nation, resorting to such methods would not lead to that objective, since experience of the past 30 years has proved that the imposed pressures against the Iranians have born no fruit, and they had better know that their new accusation, too, is another futile efforts.”

The president emphasized that the US administration must beware of the negative aftermaths of its behavior, reiterating, “The Iranian nation has always regarded the US administration as an enemy, and resorting to such unfounded methods only strengthens that belief in the minds of the Iranians, who are a serious nation, who do not kid with anyone, and do not like to be kidded by the others.”

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