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Larijani: Americans blame others to justify own failures

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Oct 13, IRNA -- Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Thursday that the Americans try to put blames on others to justify their own failures in the Middle East region and they even never hesitate to mastermind seditions to attain their sinister goals.

Larijani made the remark in a meeting with visiting Sudanese top Presidential Advisor Mustafa Osman Ismail in Tehran on Thursday.

He also strongly criticized the new plot hatched by the US against Iran and described it as a mere fabrication.

The US has lost its allies due to the uprisings in the region and has resorted to seditions and masterminding plots to put the blames on others to justify its failures resulting from Islamic awakening among people of the region, Larijani said.

The current developments in the Middle East region should lead to unity and solidarity among Islamic nations, he said.

Existing relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Sudan are friendly and brotherly, he said.

The Islamic Republic of Iran always back the stands adopted by the Sudanese government and its nation on issues facing world Muslims mainly those of Palestine, Larijani said.

The Sudanese envoy, for his part, described the Islamic Republic of Iran as a very important country in the region which plays an active role in regional developments.

Sudan regards the Islamic Republic of Iran as one of its real and powerful friends in the region, he said, adding that the country’s role in restoring stability and tranquility to the region is vital.

He also called on the Iranian Majlis to fully support expansion of economic cooperation between the two countries in technical, industrial and agricultural fields.
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