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Iran among 10 countries with complete space tech: Minister

ISNA - Iranian Students' News Agency

News Code :9006-01621

TEHRAN (ISNA) - Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said Wednesday the country is one of the 10 countries which own complete space technology.

"Iran is ranked among the 10 countries with complete space technology. The progress is seen in launch of satellites of "Omid" (Hope), "Tolou" (Dawn) and building satellite carriers of "Safir" (Ambassador) and Simorgh," he said.

"Iran is the best one in the region regarding missile technology," the minister said adding, "successful construction of Shahab (Meteor), Sejjil (Backed Clay), Thaqeb (Saturn), Sayyad (Hunter), Fateh (Conqueror), Zelzal (Earthquake), Toofan (Strorm) and Ra'ad (Thunder) missiles prove the subject."

He continued, "Iran is one of few countries capable of designing and building submarines particularly in middle class."

Vahidi added Iran is one of the leading countries in construction of surface vessels including Ashura (Ashura), Zolfaghar (Two-Edged) and Zoljanah (Winged) vessels.

The minister praised the country's capabilities in building high-speed and missile launcher boats as well as torpedo and rocket launchers.

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