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President: Sanctions have no effect on Iran

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Feb 16, IRNA -- President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a live interview with Iranian television on Tuesday evening said that sanctions have no effect on Iran's economy, adding that in a world with close economic competitions sanctions have no meaning.

He said that because of the sanctions, prices in one or two cases may increase a little, but, because of country's self – sufficiency in production and supply, prices will decrease and the issue will be eventually in favor of the country's economy.

President Ahmadinejad added that the sanctions show their anger with Iranian nation, but, finally, it causes more determination of Iranians to work harder, so the sanctions have had no cost for Iran's national economy.

He stressed that nowadays, Iran's economy is among one of the most successful economies in the world and an evidence of this is Iran's stock market activities which has been acknowledged as one of the most active markets in the world.

Referring to necessity of participation in the world management, Ahmadinejad said that, undoubtedly, today without participation in the world management nobody can administer even a village and all affairs are related to each other.

In the live TV interview, the president said that human vision has changed a lot and now every body believes that all nations have the right for management and can express their views.

He said that developments are happening in the world and reality is that the ruling system of the world is an inhuman and capitalist system which has killed all talents and has stopped nations' progress.

Destruction of cultures and human thoughts are consequences of current world system, Ahmadinejad added, and this is a modern dictatorship, which has all characters of dictatorship and is in contradiction with divine traditions and nature of human beings.

He continued that Islamic revolution has awaken all nations and now is spreading all around the world.

Referring to hegemonic powers' efforts to control revolutionary desires of people in the region and world, Ahmadinejad said they think they can control revolutionary morale but they are wrong.

He said that they might be able to succeed for a short period, but the move which has started from the lowest ranks of the societies now is rising upward and they can not manage it.

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