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UN Sec-Gen asked to inquire into terror attacks against Iranians

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Dec 19, IRNA -- Victims of terrorist operations and the bereaved families on Sunday asked the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to take measures to help bring to justice those responsible for terror attacks against Iranians.

Families of the martyrs who were among victims of terrorism in the Islamic Republic of Iran signed a protesting letter to the UN secretary-general urging him to take a serious action to deal with terrorists.

In the letter sent by the Society for Justice Advocacy, the families have referred to the recent terrorist action in Chabahar which claimed lives of 34 innocent people mostly women and children.

They said that terrorist operations proved that these terrorist groups never quit their inhuman behaviors, posing a major threat to peace and security of the global community.

What happened in Chabahar had roots in supports made by certain governments which have kept mum toward the terrorist organizations in order to maintain their political and transient interests, said the letter.

The Society for Justice Advocacy, in their letter have underlined that among the victims in the terrorist move in Chabahar, you can witness a six-month infant and believe that those who kept silent toward the heinous murders have in fact supported terror.

The Society consists of some 16,000 families, the victims of terrorism in the country. They called for condemnation of such savage terrorist moves, urging the UN as the most credited organizations in the world to act upon its commitments and obligations endorsed by the UN Charter to prevent such bitter events.

The UN should not hesitate to seriously deal with those masterminding and supporting these terrorist groups.

UN resolutions 1373 and 1535 issued by the UN security council urges the body to deal with those governments or international institutions who overtly or covertly support these groups, the letter said.

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