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Interior Min reports on SNSC meeting on Chabahar terrorist act

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Dec 16, IRNA -- Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar here Wednesday night reported on Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) meeting talks on Chabahar Wednesday morning terrorist act with some 38 casualties.

According to IRNA, Najjar who was speaking with the press after the SNSC meeting said, “At the Security Council meeting new decisions were made and we are pursuing the matter till arresting the entire terrorists and their masters.”

Pointing out that good clues are already gained regarding the terrorist act, he added, “The Intelligence (Ministry) brethren, too, have arrested some individuals and we are pursuing the matter.”


In response to a question on the affiliation of the terrorist, Najjar said, “A group of terrorists that are unfortunately being trained on the other side of our eastern borders in Pakistan committed this terrorist act.”

The interior minister added, “We are pursing the matter and we have directed some Pakistani officials in this regard and it was agreed that the respected cautionary efforts should be intensified.”

Najjar said, “By resorting to such criminal acts the global oppression intends to sow the seeds of discord among the Shi’a and the Sunni brethren and to foment crisis in the region, but thus far they have gained negative results.”

Asked whether resorting to terrorist acts in the cities and in crowded streets is a sign of the terrorists’ change of tactics, he said, “At any rate, they have targeted the great Iranian nation. Attacking group o innocent women, men, and children inclusive of young and old alike, while they were in the course of a religious ritual is quite a simple thing to do, and is devoid of any particular tactical of operational worth.”

The interior minister said that the terrorists have been armed with modern weaponry and been trained by the foreigners respectively, reiterating, “Such terrorist acts are aimed at taking revenge and committed with hearts filled with wrath of the great Iranian nation aimed at pursuing the objectives of the global oppression front, including sowing the seeds of discord between the Shi’a and the Sunni brethren and the various Iranian tribal groups, and the terrorists have assumed they would intimidate the people, since they have been horrified of the people’s unity and harmony.”

He added, “The oppressor powers have thus far been unsuccessful in hurting the strong determination of the Islamic nation and on the contrary led to further strengthening our people’s resistance and perseverance in defense of the revolution.”

Najjar said, “Today our dear people have come solidly to mourn for Imam Hussain (P) and the enemy is outraged to see that the women, men, young and old are harmoniously expressing loyalty to their sacred values amid a sanctified atmosphere. The enemy aims at weakening the nation’s spirit of unity and resistance, but this time, too, they would gain a negative result.”

Elaborating on the Wednesday morning terrorist act, he said, “At about 10:30 am, two mercenaries of the global oppression who were well armed and equipped and had been trained well, arrived in Chabahar from the other side of the international border and committed the wretched act.”

Najjar added, “When the mourners were enthusiastically performing their religious rituals in one of the cities of Chabahar the terrorists martyred a number of our sisters and brothers in a suicidal terrorist act.”

He said, “The intelligence and disciplinary forces had killed one of the terrorists before they began their operation.”

The interior minister added, “In this terrorist act unfortunately 30 of our citizens were martyred and some 80 others were wounded, among whom there are both Sunni and Shi’a brothers and sisters of us.”

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