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Larijani: 32 years on Americans still unable of comprehending revolution's essence

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Dec 2, IRNA -- Parliament speaker said here Wednesday 32 years after victory of Revolution, Americans have still not comprehended its essence, assuming by assassinating individuals they can halt its progress.

According to IRNA, Dr. Ali Larijani who was speaking at a memorial service Wednesday night for the martyrs of Tehran Municipality’s District Four, elaborated on the resistance of the 1st Shi’a Imam Ali (P) in confrontation with hardships till he embraced the great honor of martyrdom.

He added, “The culture of martyrdom upgrades the level of the human beings’ grandeur to the highest peaks of humanity, while the US and Zionist officials are unable of comprehending the real essence of the Islamic Revolution, having assumed that by assassinating elite scientists and top level professors of this land they can inflict losses against the Islamic Revolution.”

He said that the countless plots hatched by the enemies of the Islamic Revolution and finally imposing the Eight-Year Iraqi War that led to the role playing of the mobilization Basij at entire scenes, reiterating, “Basij is the reminder of the late Imam Khomeini’s endeavors and the selfless individuals who had achieved farsightedness in religion, patience in conduct, and hard work in practice.”

Referring to the proposals made to the US President Barack Obama by that country’s research center to counter the Islamic Revolution, added, “Segregation between religious piety and Jihadi or resistance moves, creating of disputes between the hardliner Muslim activists and the moderate Muslims, challenging the world Muslims at the internet websites and weblogs, and fomenting regional crises are only parts of the covert US plans that have already been implemented in the region.”

Referring to the Tehran University Campus and the post-Presidential Election events, particularly the Ashoura Day incidents, he said, “Such events were organized aimed at blocking the path for the real manifestation of the essence of the Islamic Revolution in the world.”

Pointing out that the Americans have got caught in their own self-created quagmires, he said that their problems is due to their turning of their backs to Almighty Allah, adding, “Hoisting the flag of the human rights and Iran’s nuclear program, aimed at political segregating of Iran has led them nowhere.”

Larijani said, “The Islamic awareness movement whose first flames were flickered by the late Imam Khomeini (P) in Iran have already encompassed the entire region.”

The Majlis speaker added, “Many of the local activists of the regional countries do not dare to cooperate with the Americans fearing to lose their reputation, because the real and wretched image of the Americans in Iraq, Afghanistan and the loathsome Palestinian negotiations has been revealed for everyone.”

At the commemoration service, the Majlis speaker awarded the revered families of the martyrs with plaques of honor.

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