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Bushehr power plant, outcome of Iranians' resistance

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Aug 21, IRNA -- Vice-President and head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization Ali-Akbar Salehi said Saturday that going into operation of Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant in southern Iran was the outcome of Iranians' resistance.

Speaking on the occasion of the beginning of the power plant’s fuel loading process, the official told IRNA that when a nation decides to live with freedom it will finally reach its goal.

Salehi said the process of loading fuel to Iran’s first nuclear power plant has started today and the facility would officially become operational later in the Iranian calendar month of Shahrivar (in mid September) and would start power generation in the Iranian month of Aban (October-November).

He added that each of the occasions would be marked by public celebrations nationwide.

Salehi referred to the 1,000-MW power plant as the “world’s most exceptional atomic power plant.”

“It is exceptional regarding the long political history behind its construction (as it was originally launched in 1950s) and because it was made with a combination of Western and Eastern technical systems (before the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the power plant was to be built with the help of the US and European states),” said the official.

He believed that being bombarded several times during Iraq’s eight years of imposed war against Iran (1980-1988) and the timing of the power plant’s becoming operational were another reasons that made it an exception as the country is currently under the heaviest international sanctions.

“Resistance of the Iranian nation along with their independence-seeking spirit as well as their strong support for their officials have led to the completion of the Bushehr power plant project,” Salehi stressed.


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