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Iran thanks Russia for commissioning of Bushehr nuclear power plant

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, August 17, IRNA -- Head of Iran’s Atomic energy Organization, Ali Akbar Salehi said on Tuesday that Iran appreciates Russia for commissioning of Bushehr nuclear power plant.

Speaking to IRNA, he said that however Iran reserves the right to criticize Russia for its delays in construction and delivery of the power plant.

In the international community every nation minds its own national interests and Iran is not an exception, Salehi said.

"There were many ups and downs in implementiation of such a huge project but we managed to resolved existing problems," he said.

Agreement on construction of Bushehr nuclear power plant was inked in 1996 between Iran and Russia after Germany quit the job.

Germany received five billion marks (two billion dollars) but left the job unfinished, ignoring its its commitments envisaged in the relevant contract, he said.

"Russians, for their part, should thank us because launching of Bushehr nuclear power plant provided them with a good opportunity in the world to demonstrate and even enhance their capabilities," Salehi said.

At this juncture, Russia is a good rival to western states in construction and launch of new nuclear power plants and by implementing Bushehr nuclear power plant they should indicate to the world that they can do their job even under hard conditions, he said.

Implementation of Bushehr nuclear power plant and loading fuel into the heart of the reactor uplifted the position of the country in international fora, he underlined.

Any attack on the nuclear power plant is as an international crime as its consequences will affect the global community as asserted by IAEA resolutions, UN Security Council and the final statement of NPT review conference, he said.


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