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Bushehr nuclear plant manifestation of Iran-Russia cooperation

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, August 14, IRNA -- Head of Iran-Russia Parliamentary Friendship Group Mehdi Sanaei said on Saturday that loading fuel into Bushehr nuclear power plant is manifestation of close cooperation between Tehran and Moscow in the past two decades.

Speaking to IRNA, he said loading fuel into Bushehr nuclear power plant can help improve and broaden existing ties and cooperation between the two countries and also retain prestige of Russia in observing its international commitments.

There is no doubt that the move would help increase the scope of activities and cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia, he said.

It takes about two or three months for Bushehr nuclear power plant to come on sreams, he said.

Bushehr nuclear power plant is now regarded a sign of joint cooperation between Iran and Russia under supervision of IAEA which should pave its normal path away from other issues, he pointed out.

Running of Bushehr nuclear plant is a great victory for the Islamic Republic of Iran, he underlined.

The Americans seek to connect launch of Bushehr nuclear power plant with Iran’s nuclear issue to fish in troubled waters, he said.

The Americans tried to put pressure on Russia to obstruct its construction as well as its commissioning but Russia could successfully carry out its obligations to this effect, he said.

On Friday, Russian and Iranian officials declared that loading fuel into Bushehr nuclear power plant will start on August 21 and after one or two weeks the nuclear fuel will be loaded into the heart of the reactor.


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