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Russia 'disappointed' by additional U.S., EU sanctions on Iran

RIA Novosti

17:22 17/06/2010

MOSCOW, June 17 (RIA Novosti) - The Russian Foreign Ministry has called 'disappointing' plans by the United States and European Union to impose new sanctions against Iran, in addition to those approved by the UN last week.

"We are extremely disappointed that neither the United States nor the European Union has listened to our calls to refrain from such steps [sanctions],"Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Ryabkov said.

The UN sanctions, adopted on June 9, include tougher financial controls and an expanded arms embargo, as well as an asset ban on three dozen companies and a travel freeze on individuals.

The new sanctions, which are set to be introduced by the EU and United States, will go further than the UN sanctions, which were softened to secure support of veto-wielding members Russia and China.

The Russian diplomat said following this decision, Russia will make certain conclusions about the "work in these formats." He did not specify however which "conclusions" are to be made.

Speaking on Iran, Ryabkov said the unilateral sanctions "are not just harmful, they disrupt the basis for the joint work with the Iran Six partners and the UN Security Council."

"Such statements cannot be called other than attempts to put oneself higher than the UN Security Council," the Russian diplomat said, adding that the Iranian nuclear problem could be only solved through dialogue and mediation.

Russia's Foreign Ministry warned after the Security Council resolution was adopted that any additional sanctions affecting Russian companies or individuals would bring a response from Moscow.

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