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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Ahmadinejad: Iran does not accept hard, illegal words

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

New York, May 5, IRNA – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in an interview with US TV network “ ABC” stressed that Iran does not accept hard and illegal words.

He said the fact that certain countries which have atomic bombs want to stop Iran’s peaceful nuclear program is against NPT and international laws and they cannot deprive Iran of its legitimate right by force and threat.

Replying to a question concerning stances of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Ahmadinejad said her stances and efforts are in direction of denying Iran’s right and this is quite clear and needs no interpretation.

"Do you think that Mrs. Clinton is a friend of Iran?" President Ahmadinejad asked the ABC's reporter, adding that he believes there is a difference between President Obama and Mrs. Clinton.

"We are friends of the US nation, but when a country with 10,000 bombs in its arsenal is trying to place pressures on others and even on International Atomic Energy Agency ( IAEA), then we are against it."

Ahmadinejad continued that Mrs. Clinton is eager to direct Iran-US relations into a conflicting point, but upon our information, President Obama does not have such an opinion.

Time for such threats has gone and it would be beneficial for them to behave with Iranians upon law, friendship and justice, said Ahmadinejad.

Iranian president added according to NPT, those countries which own atomic weapons must be disarmed and according to the article 4 of the treaty, all members are obliged to give enrichment technology and necessary materials to other members without condition and there is no reason to prevent enrichment and this is the exact text of the NPT and political pressures have no place.

He said, "We are against the existing unjust order and we believe the roots of these conflicts are in such unjust order."

"Now most of the world countries agree with us. Those which are permanent members of the Security Council and have the right of veto are imposing their views on IAEA."

He asked why after 60 years disarmament has not been fulfilled? Whcih one is more dangerous? Countries with thousands of atomic bombs or a country which you say might access to atomic bomb in the future?

"Those countries which stockpile bombs and threaten others are playing with fire. Who has atomic bombs? Who used it and who is threatening others? Iran or USA? Who is more dangerous?" the president asked.

Answering a question concerning Israeli threats against Iran, Ahmadinejad asked who wants to attack Iran? Israel! It does not matter at all; we do not consider them in our military doctrine. They cannot control Gaza; how do they want to start a war with Iran?

President Ahmadinejad continued that Iran has been a civilization center and has never invaded any other countries and has always been a justice lover. This is not good to say that Iran should live under threat and it won’t give a good reputation to the USA.

It is not just Iran that oppose US behavior, all world nations are protesting against US government policies, the president added.

Ahmadinejad said that more than 16,000 Iranians have been martyred by terrorists and Iran is the biggest victim of terrorism, but fighting against terrorism has a scientific and logical procedure.

It is 10 years that US is in Afghanistan; has terrorism increased or decreased? When after 10 years, you say that terrorists intended to do terrorist acts in New York, does it not mean US failure in fight against terrorism?

About the three Americans who are in prison in Iran, Ahmadinejad said they had entered Iran illegally and Iran’s judiciary system is independent and follows laws, but seven Iranian are imprisoned in the USA and the US government has arrested them in other countries; they have no lawyers and are not able to contact with their families.

He said if the US government were worried for life of his citizens, it would not send them to Iraq and Afghanistan. What was their goal by this military expedition?

Replying to a question concerning presence of Bin Laden in Iran, Ahmadinejad said he is in Washington, because he had good relations with former President George Bush and they had an oil business with each other, but Bin Laden has never worked with Iran.

Bush administration's pretext was to find Bin Laden in Afghanistan. They should have found his place first and then made military expedition and not vice versa, said Ahmadinejad.

President Ahmadinejad stressed that Iran’s stance on terrorism and terrorists are completely clear.

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