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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Iran urges nuclear states to disarm to help international peace

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Sirjan, Kerman prov., April 3, IRNA -- The Islamic Republic of Iran on Saturday called on the nuclear states to disarm in a bid to bring about an atmosphere of peace and security in the international community.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made the call in a ceremony to inaugurate an iron pellet factory in this southeastern city this morning.

Addressing the global powers, he advised them to take initiative by disarming themselves honoring the International Convention on Disarmament.

Referring to baseless allegations made by the western governments about Iranian nuclear program, he said, "You falsely accuse Iran for making efforts to produce nuclear weapons but you are the convicts for gross violation of Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Convention on Disarmament."

He reaffirmed Iranian commitment to NPT and cooperation with International Atomic Energy Agency, in reference to systematic monitoring of Iranian nuclear sites by the UN nuclear agency.

"If production of one bomb account for one offense, so what we should have done with those who have produced tens of thousand bombs and even used them."

He said that currently the US and Russia have agreed to destroy one third of their nuclear weapons.

"If Iran’s single bomb, the false anti-Iran claim by the western governments, is so dangerous, to what extent would be danger of possessing seven thousand nuclear weapons?" he asked.

On policies adopted by former US presidents in the region, he said during Bush administration some 160,000 troops were deployed in Iraq but the US president did not dare to attend publicly in Iraq but the Iranian delegation visited Baghdad and met with people from all walks of life without notice.

"So, who is subject to isolation?" he asked dismissing the alleged Iranian isolation.

“We expect the US president to change his literature and his path in dealing with Iran,” he said.

“We can call on Iranian nation to take to streets and voice their views on the US, if you do not know their point of views,” underlined President Ahmadinejad.

He said that Iranian nation have registered a successful record in the past 30 years and they are now experiencing a different life compared to the past.

On issue of terrorism, he said they are to dominate the entire region under the pretext of campaign against terrorism. "The question is that who has escalated terrorism in the region?"

Expressing concern about growth of poppy cultivation in Afghanistan, the Iranian president said that production of narcotics in the country has increased four-fold in recent years after the US claimed it had launched a massive campaign against drug trafficking in the region.

Referring to huge military casualties of the US forces in the region, he asked the US administration why they have come to the Middle East while they are incapable of restoring security in their own country.

“What would be the outcome of your presence in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the entire region for us,” he questioned.

He said that the fact is that "you are going to plunder natural resources of the region under various pretexts.'

He advised the US Administration to mind welfare of the US citizens instead of producing nuclear weapons and military campaign in other countries.

"You spend money for killing and murdering of people from the pocket of other nations,' he said.

“You cannot harm us or hurdle our progress,” underlined the Iranian president.

“They think imposing sanctions on Iran’s gasoline would irritate us but we only assigned our experts to meet the country’s requirement as soon as possible.”

On their refusal to provide Iran with fuel for Tehran medical research reactor, he said that the western governments are violating the Charter of the International Atomic Energy Agency and Non-Proliferation Treaty written by themselves after Iran signed up for the IAEA membership.

According to Charter of the UN nuclear agency, they should provide Iran with required 20 percent enriched fuel for medical research reactor in Tehran, he said.

“If you manage to sell the required facilities for production of 20 percent enriched uranium, the benefits will go into your pocket, otherwise, we manufacture them by ourselves,” he said.

"You cannot bring the Iranian nation to its knees." He advised the global arrogance and the supporters of the Zionist regime not to commit a new mistake in the Middle East region.

Never hesitate to adopt a friendly attitude with Iran as well as countries in the region otherwise you experience humiliation and disgrace, he said.


End News / IRNA / News Code 1033874

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