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Iran blames West for unrealistic approach on nuclear issue

RIA Novosti


MOSCOW, January 18 (RIA Novosti) - Iranian Foreign Minister spokesman has blamed Western countries in unwillingness over the recognition of Iranian nuclear rights, Iranian official news agency IRNA reported.

Ramin Mehmanparast said that the Iran Six meeting has failed as Western countries refused to recognize Iran's right to nuclear technology.

"It was quite natural that the talks would fail as without adopting a pragmatic approach and without acknowledging Iran's legitimate right to pursue civil nuclear technology, no clear results can be gained [by the world powers]," he said.

"The solution lies in the recognition of Iran's nuclear rights by the group," Mehmanparast said. "The planned meetings of the [six powers] will not have clear results as long as they lack a realistic approach."

Mehmanparast also said that Iranian nuclear issues must be discussed within IAEA framework to eliminate political undertones.

Iran Six participants held a meeting in New York where were supposed to make a decision against new sanctions on Tehran and study new political methods to solve the issues.

According to an EU official, the six nations will continue to seek a diplomatic solution to the issue, but will also begin considering new sanctions

The Iran Six are Russia, the United States, China, Britain, France and Germany.

They have been trying to persuade Tehran to halt uranium enrichment it says it needs for electricity generation for economic and diplomatic incentives. The group last met in Geneva on October 1.

Iran, which is already under three sets of United Nations sanctions for refusing to halt uranium enrichment, recently announced plans to build 10 new uranium enrichment facilities. Western powers suspect it of pursuing an atomic weapons program.

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